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Blink Moments: The Reason You Should Carry Protection

The question is always why? Why carry a weapon? Why should I learn?

Many men come into Frontier Justice with wives or girlfriends and want them to learn to shoot. Five out of 10 of those women ask, “Why?” They are scared to try and feel intimidated by the unknown – the noise, the perceived danger, the range, and the people. For those women, I have an answer to the WHY.

* * * * *

About 20 years ago, I worked for a non-profit organization in Downtown Kansas City. I was asked by a community group to meet at the GranFalloon on the Country Club Plaza to help them organize a fundraiser to benefit my organization. The meeting was at 7 p.m., and knowing how the parking on the Plaza could be, I arrived half an hour early for my appointment. I took my time parking and found a spot in a parking garage about a block away from my destination. I took the stairs to the sidewalk and started my short walk to the meeting. On the way, a man stood outside who asked me what time it was. I peeked at my watch, gave him an answer “6:45 p.m.” and proceeded to my meeting. An hour and a half later, I finished my meeting and was anxious to get home as it was a long drive.

There are moments in life that my husband Mike and I refer to as “blink” moments, and the next moment was one of those. I noticed as I crossed the street from GranFalloon toward the parking garage, that the same man who had asked me the time was now on a bench with papers sprawled across his lap. He took notice of me as well and promptly started packing up his papers as I crossed the street. I knew this was amiss, my mind was asking me why was this man still on the street and why did he start packing up when he saw me.

This is important. Don’t ignore these blink moments, friends. They matter. They mean something.

But I continued past the man and dismissed my thoughts. I entered the stairwell in the parking garage even though my gut told me to walk on and find someone to walk with. As I made it to the first level, I noticed the sound of someone else below me on the stair well. I regretted entering the stairs, as it was growing dark outside and I was alone. With that thought I picked up my pace – and in heels I was making a racket clicking up the concrete stairs. My pace was matched by whoever was behind me and then it hit – panic.

I knew that man was behind me. I was alone and my mind was racing for solutions. I began to get my keys tucked between my fingers, almost instinctively, as I had played this scenario in my head before – the “what to do” in an emergency. My pace was at a run and the steps behind me matched. I rounded the corner of the top stair well and then it happened.

God granted me a reprieve of protection. As I entered the last floor that had roof access there was a group of about 20 women who were chatting and saying their goodbyes after what appeared to be a girls’ night out, or perhaps a larger business meeting. I turned protectively around to meet my pursuer. He was flat out gone. Vanished. Nowhere in sight. I got to my car and released the death grip on my keys and vowed I would not be so trusting again. I would be smarter and keep vulnerability at bay. I would practice and carry a weapon for protection. I would NOT be a victim.

Nearly 1 in 5 women (18.3 percent) in the United States has been raped in their lifetime.
More than 2 in 5 women (44.6 percent) in the United States have reported sexual violence other than rape in their lifetime.
3 million women in the United States have been stalked in their lifetime.

Ladies, you can be responsible for your own safety. You can’t rely on police as they may not get there in time; you may not even get a chance to call them for help. Sometimes you are alone. But you don’t have to be vulnerable.

Our basic pistol class, followed by a gun fitting class, are the only tools you need to get started. Then you can select the right firearm for you and carry with confidence. You can practice at the range and know that we are here to help you. If you forget how to do something – just ask. Our Range Safety Officers are MORE than happy to assist. Before you know it, you’ll be in a league – winning and enjoying shooting as a sport, not just as protection.

What you won’t be doing is entering any situation without complete confidence that you are armed with the knowledge, tools and skills to be your own protection. Because not everyone gets as lucky as I did that day on the Plaza and that story could have had a very different ending.

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