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Frontier Justice is in the Gun Business

As the CEO of a firearms retailer, I reflect quite a bit on what it means to be in the gun business. I look in the mirror first when tragedy strikes. I personally feel it every time I am exposed to violence perpetrated with the tools of the trade I engage in. I looked in the mirror the day a man took his own life in my facility. I looked in the mirror when an officer explained to me that a gun purchased in my store was used in a crime. I look in the mirror every time an unstable person takes life in a movie theater, a place of business, a house of worship, and especially a school full of children.

I also look in the mirror when customers seek me out to thank me for what we do. I look in the mirror when families enjoy the shooting sports and create lifelong memories at our facilities. I look in the mirror when our trainers educate a new group of students. I look in the mirror when first responders use our simulator and feel more confident in their vocation. I look in the mirror when we make the world a bit safer and I look in the mirror when the powerless, the abused, the fearful, take control of their personal safety and hold their heads a little bit higher when they leave – knowing they can take care of themselves.

I had the opportunity to attend the 57th annual Greater Kansas City Mayors’ Prayer Breakfast this morning. Think about that – 57 years. Part of today’s program was to announce a new monument dedicated to the lives of Law Enforcement Officers lost in the line of duty protecting citizens. Protecting them with guns. As I listened to the keynote speaker, I reflected on what we were doing there. Honoring people, freely praying and exercising our right to worship, and speaking truth under a 1st amendment that allows us to express our ideas without fear of violence or repercussion. Freedoms we were openly exercising as leaders of this community. Freedoms given to us by our Creator, created equal and endowed with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Sound familiar? Freedoms enforced, maintained and preserved with the gun that was strapped on my belt.

Being in the gun business means that I and my team of dedicated associates are on the frontlines today, making a stand for those freedoms we seem to be taking for granted as a nation. Freedoms some want to negotiate or forfeit. I, nor Frontier Justice as a company, will not barter the freedoms my country guarantees. Rather, I will make a stand with Patrick Henry and those who sacrificed so much before me and proclaim, “I know not what course others may take, but as for me, give me liberty or give me death.”

Dick’s Sporting Goods and others may barter their freedoms, but we will not. Tragedy and violence have been with us since Cain first killed Abel with a stone. I will look in the mirror and remember not, nor take responsibility for, those that misuse the tool of my trade. Instead, I will fight to educate and make all generations understand that the only reason we can meet, talk, pray and remain free is because of the gun that hangs on my belt – or more importantly the rifle that stands ready – to protect from all who oppose our freedoms. Foreign or Domestic.

Frontier Justice is proud to be in the gun business. We will stand with those past, present and future who will not compromise our freedoms or the 2nd amendment as a bargaining tool for the generations of families to come behind us.

Michael Brown

Chief Executive Officer

Frontier Justice Companies

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