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Dear God, are you kidding me with this right now?  You know that little jump you can get in your chest when something truly moves you?  It came onto my heart yesterday as I was quickly going through the MO store on a mission.  It was one of those moments that I very much doubt affected the client standing there in any way, but will be a stand out moment for me.  It was much like the moment I blogged about a couple of years ago with a client named Dr. Stogsdill.  One of those defining, blink moments where you can almost hear the voice of God in your presence.

It hadn’t been an easy day, for more than a few reasons.  We all have those days, right?  Usually for a reason.  But, nonetheless, not easy.

Sunday, when we recognized Veteran’s Day with a Patriot Feature reveal for Al Newland and his family, I felt very proud that we were paying homage to our third value of Freedom.  I so love what Patriot Features does and to be able to gift a third family with such a legacy gift was truly my privilege.  I told the staff in an email with the video attached, that I wish every one of them could have stood in my shoes that day and felt what I was feeling.  Very much honored to be able to give something so special to someone and recognize what they did for us….all of us.  I assured Mr. Newland that although in this country where a very loud minority make it feel like people have lost respect for, and do not care about his sacrifices, I could assure him that a more quiet majority have not lost sight of his service.  We have a staff at Frontier Justice of about 60 who bleed red, white and blue and we have not forgotten.  I was proud to tell him that Freedom at Frontier Justice is represented by the firearm, the tool that many have used to ensure the freedoms and security of this great nation.

I saw this presentation coming for a year, and had the same privilege last year, and I knew this feeling of pride and honor that came from being in the presence of true American heroes.

But, yesterday, God brought this moment to me that I didn’t see coming and hence my reaction.  God is funny like that.   He doesn’t always want us to anticipate.  It means more then.  I walked through the store and this is what I saw.  This tiny fellow, a big grin on his face, and his dad following behind him.  He picked up a toy gun and he held it somewhat correctly.  His father righted it in his hands.  Then he was off trying to sight in what he could see and he was in the moment.  I smiled.  I walked over and asked the dad if I could take his photo and use it on social media.  He smiled and immediately said yes.  You see, this father is a dad who believes in what we are doing.  He was obviously versed in firearms, and he was already passing the passion and love down to this wee guy.  He wiped his face quickly (mom, I bet this was for you) and then let me snap away.  I was struck that here it was…..Family.  It was the real “why” behind starting Frontier Justice.  Creating a space that whole families come into and enjoy the shooting sports.  This little guy will undoubtedly be in this majority who respects our nation and the sacrifices that have gotten us to where we are today.  And, the father can rest easy that the generation following him will not lose sight of why we have the 2nd amendment and what value it brings.  He will be passionate about preserving his right.

I guess that just left Faith for me this week.  And, today I woke up with air in my lungs and the blessing of knowing that Faith Family and Freedom matter and are alive and well at Frontier Justice.  I hope that each of you reading this take to heart what those three words mean to you this holiday season and, if you are inclined, that you come into one of our stores and find or create a family memory to cherish–  one that touches on faith, family or freedom, maybe all three.

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