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Concealed Carry Classes in Kansas City

Notes from the Colion Noir Gun Tour 2018

By: Bren Brown, President

If you’ve thought about taking a concealed carry class in Kansas City, Frontier Justice is here to help you get started. We have years of experience teaching concealed carry classes, and also host a variety of workshops and speakers for ourselves and our clients to continue to learn and grow as responsible gun owners.

It’s been a hot minute since we had Colion Noir, gun rights activist and lawyer, along with Ryan Smith of Tyr Defense, visit Frontier Justice for a candid talk on the Second Amendment and other firearm-related topics.  I want to take a moment to recall a particular conversation surrounding concealed carry, the main topic of the first half of our time together.  Some very good information came out of it.

The Big Question

Ryan asked the group, “Who here concealed carries every day?  Every day.  Not once or twice a week, not if you think you are going somewhere “scary,” but who concealed carries every day?”  You might guess that many hands went up.  But, a few did remain down.  Of those with their hands down (would this be you if you were in the room?) he asked a gentleman on the front row, “Why don’t you carry every day?”

His response, “Because I don’t feel the need to.  I’m seldom somewhere I think I would need a gun.”

Let that sink in… “nowhere I think I would need a gun”.  Is this you?  Do you think most of your destinations are “safe” and don’t warrant the extra measures of concealed carry? Do you think taking concealed carry classes in Kansas City isn’t for you?  Colion’s response set Ryan into motion when he asked what is a “safe place today?”

Of 160 active shooter incidents in the United States between 2000 and 2013, over 80 percent (132) occurred at work, according to the FBI’s first study of the subject.

Shootings in schools and houses of worship tend to stand out in our minds, but they actually make up a relatively small portion of public mass shootings. More common are those in offices and retail establishments, such as restaurants and stores. California has had more of these public mass shootings than any other state, with 25.  Washington Post, 2018 

(It warrants pointing out, for those who don’t already know, California has some of the strictest gun control laws on the books .)

The Takeaway

Are there really any places we could consider safe anymore?  To Ryan’s point during the discussion, don’t let your “reason for carrying” hit you before you are prepared for it.

Ryan always has a firearm and fully believes in personal responsibility and concealed carry. He relayed to the group a past trip to the airport he once made in the early, dark hours of dawn.   A dark figure came out of nowhere and collided into the back of his truck as he was driving.  He wasn’t going fast, but he felt immediately that something was off.  He grabbed his concealed carry gun and got out of the vehicle.

Hit pause.  I pointed out to him that I would never, as a woman, have gotten out of my vehicle in the dark, especially with a man lying on the ground.  (Women—don’t ever get out.  Call 9-1-1. Our first responders are more than capable of handling an emergency.)  To Ryan’s admission, it might have been the best advice for him as well.  However, he is trained and he had his gun.

He hears the man screaming on the ground and his mind is doing the mental gymnastics that any emergency situation prompts. He assesses the man on the ground, holding what would be the opposite leg from the one that should have been injured had Ryan legitimately hurt him with his vehicle.  Just then, three other figures crested out of a gated area nearby to approach.  Thinking quickly, he drew his firearm and the figures disappeared.  Poof.

What would have happened if Ryan had thought, “I’m headed to the airport, so I’ll just leave my gun at home today?”  This event could have turned out very differently without training on concealed carry firearms.

Be Prepared

His point?  Don’t wait for a precipitating event to decide you should be prepared every day.  If a day you aren’t prepared goes like this one did for him, it could be your last.  In life,  sometimes second chances don’t become available.

I reflected on how many times I have heard clients say, “I’ve been meaning to get my concealed carry license, but I just haven’t had time.”  “I’ve wanted my concealed carry license but don’t even know how to operate a gun.”  “I’m scared to have a gun or take concealed carry classes because I don’t know where to start.”

Today is your day.  Don’t wait for something to happen to you that would necessitate “second chances”.   Sign up for one of our concealed carry classes in Kansas City and get started toward your own personal safety and the safety of the ones you love.  2019 is your year to own it and be the keeper of your tribe.  Let us help!

Sign Up Today

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