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Self-Defense Classes in Kansas City

Self-Defense Classes in Kansas City

Recently, Frontier Justice president Bren Brown posted a video to our Facebook page detailing all of the various options women have available to them for self defense, aside from a firearm.

This garnered a lot of response from the community, and we’re so glad that it caught the attention of so many people.

In 2019, it’s vitally important that women are proactive about their own self defense.

Crime rates in Kansas City alone for sexual crime, robberies, and other offenses are on the rise this month, and calling the police, even when it’s feasible, is not always the most effective solution for your safety in the heat of the moment.

Frontier Justice understands all of the nuance and confusion surrounding self-defense, and we hope to shed light on all of the options you have as a woman to protect yourself. It’s more than just being prepared—it’s taking back control.

So whether you’re an avid runner or just enjoy urban exploring, you deserve to feel safe at all times. And there are a few easy measures you can take in the right direction!

The very first step to empowering yourself to take a stand against an attacker is to take a self-defense class in Kansas City.

What is self defense?

Self defense is the counter measurement a person takes when being attacked or threatened. This can look like a lot of different things to different people, depending on the circumstances.

Some people consider being prepared for self defense by simply carrying a gun. Others take combat-style self-defense classes. Self defense looks different for everyone. It’s up to you to determine what you’re comfortable with handling.

Whether it’s your fists or a firearm, Frontier Justice can help you channel your strength and find what works for you to feel safe and comfortable with your own capabilities to defend yourself against harm.

Why should I take a self-defense class in Kansas City?

You deserve to be free from fear. Taking a self-defense class will help empower you to make the right decisions when it comes to your health, safety, and overall well being!

Frontier Justice is passionate about providing a variety of means for women in our community to protect themselves.

We offer a variety of self-defense classes in Kansas City to help educate our friends, family, and neighbors about all the different ways they can feel safer and more capable of defending themselves.

This May, we’re offering an extra special education opportunity: a women’s only self-defense class in Kansas City to help inform you, in detail, about all the things you need to know to keep yourself protected, regardless of your surroundings—or what you’ve armed yourself with.

What should I take away from self-defense classes in Kansas City?

While just one self-defense class will not provide you with the lifelong tools needed to stay sharp and protected, it will provide a baseline of knowledge from which you can grow and learn even more in the future.

The women’s defense class we are hosting in May will go over the methods to keep yourself safe in both hand-to-hand combat as well as using various systems to disable an attacker.

Safety Gear for Runners in Kansas City

What can I use to defend myself that’s NOT a firearm?

Not ready to take the next step and purchase or handle a firearm? That’s okay!

Every woman is different. We all have different preferences & comfort levels for the types of self defense mechanisms we can handle.

Here are just a few examples of items we carry at Frontier Justice that can be used for self defense in a variety of situations:

Batons are especially useful in the home and can help even the playing field between a man and a woman. They carry an incredible kick! Batons are also expandable for convenience and storage.

A knife, such as a pocket knife or a switchblade, is helpful in close-up situations, or for warding off attackers entirely. They can be even thrown (with skill of course) for an attacker that isn’t within striking distance.

Mace is a useful tool for disabling your attacker from a safe distance (about 10 feet). Mace canisters can come in varying sizes and shapes, from a small keychain to a hand-piece with a grip and a trigger resembling a small handgun.

Stun Guns
Stun guns use electric shock to disable your attacker. A stun gun uses prongs charged with electricity that, while strong, does require you to be within striking distance, as the device must make direct contact with the attacker in order to effectively administer the electric shock.

While tasers and stun guns are sometimes considered the same product, they actually have different functions. Also, Taser is, in fact, a name brand (think of Kleenex versus facial tissue). While a stun gun must make direct contact with an attacker, a taser can work from up to 30 feet by shooting electrically charged probes.

Most people don’t consider a flashlight as a weapon. However, if you are able to shine a bright light directly into someone’s eyes, it’s very possible to render them incapable of seeing long enough to get away—and sometimes that’s all you need to stay safe!

Tactical Pens
Ladies, have you ever been told to hold your keys in between your fingers in a threatening situation? While that thought is better than nothing, it’s also not a very effective way to protect yourself. Tactical pens may be the solution for you. They’re weighted especially to be held in the hand as a weapon, and are slick enough to keep in a jacket pocket.

Clothing & Holsters
While some of us already own and carry some sort of weapon, many of those who are just starting out don’t consider the logistics of the “carry” part of your self-defense efforts. Where will you keep your knife or stun gun so it’s safely put away for everyday wear, but accessible enough to reach in an emergency? 

The Safest Places to Run in Kansas City

We carry a variety of clothing and holsters that make it easy to store your weapons in a subtle, sleek, and functional way. From vests and leggings to holsters and belts, be sure you’re picking clothing and accessories that will work best for you.

What other classes can I take?

Self-defense classes aren’t the only safety education opportunities at Frontier Justice.

Other great options offered at Frontier Justice for women’s self defense classes in Kansas City include:

Safe Without a Firearm
This class will review the available options to keep you safe without the assistance of  a firearm. It also provides a basic understanding of the combat-effective distances at which those systems need to be deployed and how to properly deploy them.

Low Light Shooting
Firing a gun at night is not the same experience as during the day or in a well-lit facility. This class is conducted in a low-light environment at the Frontier Justice range area. Through basic principles of low-light tactics to participating in search drills, students will gain a general overview of how to respond and/or shoot in low-light/no-light scenarios.

Women’s Only Concealed Carry Class
No boyfriends, brothers, or hubbies allowed here! All the material in this course is presented in a non-intimidating, family-oriented manner, so you can learn everything you need to know about Concealed Carry in Missouri or Kansas, stigma-free.

Meet Frontier Justice in Kansas City

Frontier Justice is a female-forward company comprised of 40% women on staff, including our executive team, who all have years of experience with guns and firearms. We strive to create a comfortable, welcoming atmosphere for people of all walks of life!

Our motto is “Faith. Family. Freedom.” But we’re more than just a slogan. Aside from a high quality firing range and gun store, we also offer never-before-seen features in our industry.


Relax after your shooting practice with your friends or your date in front of a fireplace with a warm coffee or a cool lemonade.


Check shopping off your to-do list at the same time as your shooting practice! Our boutique offers unique styles of clothing, jewelry, and home goods. We also sell a variety of trendy accessories that are especially designed for concealed carry.


Not only do we host a variety of classes at Frontier Justice, but we also host fun events designed for families, couples, and gun enthusiasts to commiserate and meet new, like-minded people. This can include everything from date nights to discussion panels, with more events added each year!

Join the ranks of Frontier Justice’s self-defense class in Kansas City

Be unapologetic in your pursuit for safety. Register now for a women’s self-defense class in Kansas City this May in honor of Mother’s Day!

Grab your mom, your sister, your friends, and join us for a day of learning and bonding with friends.

Register Now


Visit Frontier Justice

Stop by today and we’ll help you learn everything you need to know about guns—and more!

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US Law Shield provides legal assistance to gun owners in the event of a shooting crime and other self-defense efforts.


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