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The Safest Places to Run in Kansas City

The safest places to run in Kansas City

Frontier Justice is on the pulse of all things safety in Kansas City. Recently, several of our guests asked us about the safest places to run in Kansas City.

It’s very important as a runner to not only be aware of your surroundings, but to also stay ahead of the game by planning your trips in advance so you know exactly what to expect.

Here are a few tips to help you identify the safest places to run in your area:

Ensure the entire route is well lit. From where you park your car to your halfway point destination, knowing you are surrounded by reliable street lamps and lights will not only prevent you from tripping or stumbling, but it will also keep you aware of your surroundings. These lights should not only be on your trail. They should be to your left and right, too.

Scope out the foot traffic of the area. Visit your running trail in advance. How many people use it? Are you seeing cyclists every few minutes, or is it 20+ minutes before you see another person pass by? While this does depend on the time of day, it’s also a good indicator of how populated the trail will be.

Keep your belongings safe. Don’t bring along any high tech gear like a phone or flashy headphones, unless you believe you can keep them conspicuous. Running or biking with expensive gear can make you a target for attackers searching for an opportune moment of distraction. Additionally, you should ensure that any of the valuables you leave in your car are hidden or stashed away, such as in a glove box, under your seat, covered up with an inconspicuous jacket or blanket, or hidden in the trunk.

Carry a flashlight and/or other tools to keep you protectedFrontier Justice offers a variety of safety gear for runners in Kansas City. This can include anything from flashlights to knives and everything in between.

Take a self-defense class. You can never be too careful! Frontier Justice offers self-defense classes in Kansas City that are ideal for runners to keep your senses sharp and provide you with a variety of tools and tips necessary to protect yourself when you’re out on a trail or route.

The safest places to run in Kansas City

We’ve done our research, asked our friends and family, and have come up with a few of our favorites.

Here are some of the safest places to run in Kansas City, from real KC natives:

Indian Creek Trail
The Indian Creek Trail starts at State Line Road and continues to Blue River. The trail is X miles long and consists of both asphalt and concrete.

Ward Parkway
Ward Parkway is the host of a variety of running events throughout the year due to its beautiful surroundings, including historical homes and neighborhoods and magical Christmas light displays in the winter time.

Trolley Track Trail
This six mile long track was the site of the original Kansas City streetcar! It’s a wide trailㅡperfect for dog walkers, runners, and cyclists to easily share the space.

Running Events
Kansas City is widely known for hosting a variety of marathons all over the metro area. Running during a large event like this is extremely safe, and also pretty fun, too!

Frontier Justice: Faith. Family. Freedom.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to our team anytime for more safety tips and to check out the safety gear you need for a safe and enjoyable running experience, no matter where you go.

Learn even more about keeping yourself safe by checking out our next article Safety Gear for Runners in Kansas City –>


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