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VAULTEK Safes: Erasing a Mother’s Fear

By: Bren Brown, President

Every day I speak to women on the sales floor about firearms, and at least once a week I hear something like this:

“I don’t know how to use the gun and I just don’t want them in my house.”

 “Well, it makes me nervous.  You know we have little kids at home.”

“I like the safety of having an option for self-defense, but I just don’t want the risk.”

I get it.  I’m a mom.  I have twins, and although they are older now, they were once little.  I’m going to tell you a true story.  When our twins were very small we got all of the videos we could find on firearm safety, for young children, and we showed them to our little duo.  Then, we tested the tots.  We place an unloaded firearm in their play room and we watched.  Their response, according to the hours of video, should have been immediately leaving the playroom and finding us. 

They did not do that.

Our son, a sweet complier, skirted the firearm in a wide circle like it was to be avoided.  Our spicy blonde child has always been curious.  She went directly to the firearm AND PICKED IT UP.   I’m going to warn you all, what we did next was a bit extreme, but it was effective.  Mike took a shotgun outside (we lived on a large acreage at the time), and one of the blonde’s favorite toys-a bumble bee rattle that was large for shaking—and he shot the bumble bee in front of them both.  There were tears.  The explanation was that once a bullet leaves a gun, there is no getting it back.  The world is changed forever.  People and things can be gone forever.  Bumble bee was never coming back.  And, he never did.  The lesson was solid as they both had a healthy respect for not touching firearms after that, until they were a little older and able to shoot.  But, here’s the thing.  We grew up with firearms everywhere and never thought to touch them and we never watched a single video to that effect.  So, as adults, we also had guns out, certainly not everywhere, but not locked up.  The thought was that firearms better be handy when you need them or no use having them at all. 

But, gun safes were not as good as they are now!

Enter the Vaultek 10i!

My friends, gun safes, like everything in today’s world have evolved and this safe is my FAVORITE. Click here for a video review of the features! 

You see, the truth is that you have more to fear not having a firearm, than having one.  You can safely maintain a gun that is handy and accessible in seconds if needed.  The police, no matter how responsive they are, will not get to you fast enough if someone has intent to harm you.  Don’t be a victim.  Teach your children to respect firearms, and then when they are old enough get them into our First Shots for Parents and Kids Class.  It, literally, could be the difference between life and death, just like the swimming lessons you faithfully drug them to for several years.  We want the responsible use and storage of firearms to take away your fear!  The Vaultek 10i is a game changer.  It’s small; it’s compact; it’s light; it has a light; you can anchor it; and it is managed with fingerprints and an app that will change your fear to power.  Come by—we’ll walk you through the possibilities!

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