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Missouri Concealed Carry Classes

Summer is a perfect time to get out of the house and learn new skills. Bonus points if that skill will help you protect yourself and your loved ones from harm!

We’re talking about Concealed Carry classes. Frontier Justice offers Missouri Concealed Carry Classes to beginners interested in learning everything there is to know about your rights and restrictions when it comes to firearms.

Why should I take Concealed Carry Classes at Frontier Justice?

Frontier Justice is a family-oriented shooting range, store, boutique, and training facility in Kansas and Missouri.

Our classes are taught by inclusive, informative experts in the field of firearms and cover everything from the ‘how to’ to the ‘why’.

Our Missouri Concealed Carry Classes include:

  • Top-rate instruction
  • State-of-the-art range facilities
  • Low student-to-teacher ratios, allowing one-on-one instruction at times

What will I learn at Frontier Justice’s Concealed Carry Classes?

First of all, welcome! We’re so glad you’ve found us and are learning more about Missouri Concealed Carry Classes. You deserve to feel safe and protected at all times, and we’re so proud that you’re considering Frontier Justice to help get you there.

During the course, our instructor covers everything from discussing the process for obtaining a permit and any extra fees when presenting your application to your local sheriff’s office, to proper grip, stance, aim, safe storage, holster use, cleaning the firearm, and a detailed discussion on ammunition types and storage.

If you’re a beginner, don’t sweat it! The first half of the class focuses on basic pistol operation for all types of handguns.

Following lunch, students enter our state-of-the-art range for live-fire exercises (which are required by each state to qualify for a concealed carry permit.)

The rest of the afternoon will be spent discussing the laws and restrictions currently in place in Missouri, including:

  • “Use of force” laws
  • Protecting property and persons
  • Castle Doctrine laws in Missouri and Kansas
  • and other legal issues

The class will wrap up with a discussion of how to interact with law enforcement after a self-defense incident, how to respond to an aggressive situation, situational awareness and post-traumatic stress.

Do I need a firearm to take Concealed Carry Classes?

No; if you don’t have a firearm for the qualification portion of the course, you’re in luck! We have a firearm available for your use.

We will also have ammunition AND ear protection available for your use during the class.

Do I need a background check before I take CCW Classes?

Not at all. After the class, a background investigation of your application will be conducted by your local Sheriff’s office. If you have questions about the background check, simply contact the instructor or your local Sheriff’s office.


Join the ranks of Frontier Justice’s Missouri Concealed Carry Classes

Be unapologetic in your pursuit for personal safety. Register now for a comprehensive course at Frontier Justice, and we’ll teach you everything you need to know to get started with your concealed carry permit. (Don’t forget to bring your friends and family for a fun day of education!)

If you’re interested in taking a women’s self-defense class in Kansas City, we’re hosting one this May in honor of Mother’s Day.


Register Now



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