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Alternatives to guns for self defense

Some visitors to Frontier Justice in Kansas City aren’t sure where to start… Or they’ve never had an experience with firearms and are hesitant to start.

However, in today’s climate, it’s important to protect yourself, even if that means using alternatives to guns for self-defense purposes.

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We want to be your premier source for all things self-defense in Kansas City. That’s why we’re bringing you our full list of alternatives to guns to use in self-defense across a variety of circumstances and experience levels.


What are some alternatives to guns for self defense?



Batons are especially useful in the home but can also be used on the go. At Frontier Justice, we like to say that batons and other alternatives to guns for self defense can help “even the playing field” between a man and a woman. Plus, they carry an incredible kick!

Most batons are also expandable for convenience and storage. They’re easy to deploy and can help capitalize on your physical strength to deliver a strong message to your attacker—that you’re prepared to defend yourself.



There are so many different types of knives available on the market, it’s hard to name just one! Whether it’s a utility knife, a pocket knife, or an automatic, Frontier Justice has all of the grips, sizes, and even colors you could ever hope to find in Kansas City.

Regarding your personal safety, knives are extremely helpful in disabling an attacker. However, it’s important to note that a knife is mostly used for close-up situations, but can also be used to ward off a would-be attacker.



Mace is a useful tool for disabling your attacker from a safe distance (about 10 feet). Mace canisters can come in varying sizes and shapes, from a small keychain to a hand-piece with a grip and a trigger resembling a small handgun.

Mace is actually a chemical, considered to be an irritant. In fact, mace is very similar in result to tear gas.


Stun Guns

Stun guns use electric shock to disable your attacker. A stun gun uses prongs charged with electricity that, while strong, does require you to be within striking distance, as the device must make direct contact with the attacker in order to effectively administer the electric shock.



Most people don’t consider a flashlight as a weapon. However, if you are able to shine a bright light directly into someone’s eyes, it’s very possible to render them incapable of seeing long enough for you to get away—and sometimes that’s all you need to stay safe!

Some flashlights even have serrated heads, which makes them even better suited to self defense. The sharp edges can work to defend you when dealing with an attacker close up. Flashlights also attract attention, so a would-be attacker may be less likely to approach you at all.

Be sure to check the flashlight you buy for its measurement of lumens. This number (usually between 20 and 3500) will tell you how bright the flashlight is at its highest performance, which is typically with a new set of batteries. The brighter the flashlight, the more likely it is that this light will prove useful in defending yourself against an attacker.


Tactical Pens

Ladies, have you ever been told to hold your keys in between your fingers in a parking lot? While that thought is better than nothing, it’s also not a very effective way to protect yourself. Tactical pens may be the solution for you.

The tactical pen is an actual writing pen (with refillable ink cartridges) that can be used for self defense. It is weighted and shaped to be far more effective than keys in your fingers to ward off an attacker. Additionally, many are designed to break glass in an emergency situation (such as a submerged car, an active shooter scenario where a window is an option for escape, or if you were trapped in the back of a car with locked doors).


Clothing & Holsters

While some of us already own and carry some sort of tool, many of those who are just starting out don’t consider the logistics of the “carry” part of your self-defense efforts. Where will you keep your knife or stun gun so it’s safely put away for everyday wear, but accessible enough to reach in an emergency?

We carry a variety of clothing and holsters that make it easy and convenient to store your tools in a subtle, sleek, and functional way. From vests and leggings to belts and holsters, be sure you’re picking clothing and accessories that will work best for you.



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