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Missouri-Kansas Concealed Carry Classes at Frontier Justice

Living in fear is living in the fear of the unknown. Uncertainty can cripple the unprepared at critical moments. Knowing your rights and restrictions on how you can defend yourself and your family is the best way to combat that fear.

Missouri and Kansas Concealed Carry Classes at Frontier Justice can allow you to do just that! These concealed carry classes are offered frequently at both locations and are a great class for beginners and experienced shooters alike!

Our expert instructors foster a welcoming classroom environment that allows you to learn everything you need in order to get started concealed carrying responsibly! We are very proud and thankful to be a part of this journey, so thank you for selecting us and the Frontier Justice Missouri-Kansas Concealed Carry Class!

What does the Missouri-Kansas Concealed Carry Class look like?

At Frontier Justice, we supply everything you need for your concealed carry class! If you don’t own a firearm yet—we are happy to provide a handgun and ammunition! Additionally, we also have eye and ear protection available for your use during the class!

If you are new to the world of firearms—no problem at all! Our Missouri-Kansas Concealed Carry class is tailor-made to make you feel welcome and comfortable in this new environment! The first few hours of the CCW course are dedicated to learning basic pistol skills, including breakdown, maintenance, cleaning and handling! If you are a more experienced shooter, this portion of the class is a great way to get re-familiarized with the critical skills required for safe pistol handling! Additionally, this section of the class will discuss different methods of carrying, holster types, and self-defense ammunition.


After that, you will go out to our state-of-the-art range and shoot for your concealed carry qualification!

The final half of the Missouri and Kansas Concealed Carry class is dedicated to a detailed discussion of concealed carry laws and restrictions including:

  • “Use of force” laws
  • Protecting property and persons
  • Castle Doctrine laws in Missouri and Kansas
  • And other legal issues

This discussion of different concealed carry laws will help create an understanding of how to interact within the law and is imperative for the safely armed citizen to understand! Although Missouri and Kansas both allow you to carry without a permit, this section of the class is one of the critical reasons to take a Missouri and Kansas Concealed Carry class. Knowing the legal limitations and standards for when you can carry, how you can carry, and when you can defend yourself is what makes a concealed carry class so imperative. Finally, the class will cover what happens after a self-defense incident, including interacting with law enforcement and the post-traumatic stress that can be experienced.


Why get a Missouri and Kansas Concealed Carry Permit?


Taking the time to learn the best practices for concealed carry and self-defense can assist you on your journey to living in safety. By getting your Missouri and Kansas Concealed Carry Permit at Frontier Justice, you will gain have such an advantage if you find yourself in a self-defense situation. Through your concealed carry class at Frontier Justice, you will be able to better understand how you are able to defend yourself, and better combat the fear of the unknown. Thank you for including Frontier Justice on this journey!


Continuing your Concealed Carry Education

Don’t let your self-defense education end after completing the Missouri-Kansas Concealed Carry Class! Schedule a session in our simulator today! Our MILO Simulator system helps you continue your educational journey through realistic training scenarios. With groups of one to two, you can work directly with an instructor and practice drawing a firearm and get a more nuanced understanding of when you are able to defend yourself. We offer many ways to continue your education after the completion of your Missouri and Kansas Concealed carry class at Frontier Justice! Come in-store today and learn more, or check out our course catalog here.

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