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Frontier Justice: Why We Stand for the Flag

Some say it is just a piece of cloth; others view it as a profound symbol of freedom. Some say it represents a corrupt system of inequality; others say it represents the opportunity to live your best life under the freedom granted to all humans by our Creator. The American Flag represents many different virtues to different people.

The American Flag means more to us at Frontier Justice, than it does many in our country today. To us, it represents sacrifice, love, and honor. It represents the freedom of religion and the right to worship and express our faith in God in the manner we choose. We do not have to agree which expression of religion is right, but we do have to agree that each of us has the right to believe and express our worship in any way we want. We are slowly losing our freedom of religion because most religious standards are being labeled as “hate crimes”. The Flag still represents that freedom for us at Frontier Justice. For us, the Flag also stands for the right to succeed and fail. In America, you can start a business based on a dream. You have the right to succeed in that business and you have the right to fail. You have the right to raise a family, live where you want, work whatever job you want, and live the life you desire and craft that life in a manner that serves the individual and society.   There was a time in America when you would see an American Flag outside of almost every home, now they are a rarity.

Over a million United States soldiers have died defending our freedoms over the history of our country. Do you know why they gave their lives for their country? It wasn’t for the pay. It wasn’t because it’s an easy job. They gave their lives because they knew the importance of our freedoms. They knew that if our rights aren’t defended, we will lose them. The American Flag represents their sacrifice. When a soldier dies in action, he is brought back in a casket with an American Flag draped over it. Why do we do that? We do it to honor the soldier. We would not drape that Flag over the casket if it wasn’t the most important piece of cloth in the United States. There is a reason that only a very special group of men and women get this honor.

As Americans,  we have unbelievable freedoms. According to our freedoms, you can choose to kneel when the flag is flown. That is your choice. We will tell you that it is a slap in the face to every soldier, family member of a soldier, and patriot when you do, but that is your choice and you are free to make that choice.

Frontier Justice feels it is necessary to stand when the Stars and Stripes are flown because it is so much more than a piece of cloth, it is a representation of the sacrifice for Faith, Family, and Freedom.

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