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License to Thrill: Celebrate Global Bond Day with (00)7 James Bond EDC Essentials

“Remember, if it hadn’t been for Q Branch, you’d have been dead long ago.”—Q, speaking to 007 in License to Kill

Having the proper equipment in a critical situation can make all the difference in the world. Striving to build the proper EDC for your lifestyle is imperative to assure that you are prepared. Now, we don’t all have our own Quartermaster to curate our gear, but today—Global James Bond Day—we look to some of the coolest 00 gear and inspirations that can get you ready for any mission!

001–CRKT Sting

The CRKT Sting is an item that defines Daniel Craig’s run as Bond. Cold, calculated, unyielding, and unbreakable. This knife is a single piece of 1050 carbon steel, that is heat forged and shaped into a double-edged defensive dagger. With a blade length of 3.1” CRKT manages to provide the user with a knife that is easily concealable, quick to deploy, and absolutely balanced. The knife gets little screen time in Quantum of Solace, with its only appearance being Bond handing it off to MI6 operatives as they detain him, but this knife is the perfect defensive blade for anyone. Its glass reinforced nylon sheath can be carried horizontally on the small of back, or inside a shoe or boot. The knife, when carried IWB vertically, as Bond did, creates little to no print, as it is extremely thin and perfectly straight. This knife is the perfect defensive carry for working professionals, as it can be easily layered underneath a polo or tucked in button-up, as well as anyone working in a field—who attaches the sheath to their boot. This piece of 00 gear is an incredible tool and should be a part of any fan’s EDC kit! Buy one online today!

002–Vaultek VT10i-TG Lightweight Biometric Bluetooth Smart Safe

When receiving his modified PPK in Skyfall, 007 is given a simple lockbox. His PPK, however, had a custom biometric palm reader. While that particular gadget is not something you currently utilize, a biometric safe that blends both of those things together is the perfect middle ground! The VAULTEK VT10i-TG Lightweight Biometric Bluetooth Smart Safe is a rugged smart safe that will allow you to secure your EDC firearm and any other valuables everywhere you go! This safe is perfect for the nightstand, or inside your car! This safe features an ultra portable and lightweight 18-gauge carbon steel construction with a slim design and durable powdercoat finish! Additionally, the safe provides quick access to your valuables, documents, and firearm(s) from the automatic opening door with a biometric scanner or keypad! This is the perfect gadget for daily use, and to assure safe storage of your firearm and valuables!

003–Walther P99

If you love the idea of owning a Bond gun, but maybe prefer a larger frame and caliber—look no further than the Walther P99! Bond swaps his PPK for a P99 in the 3rd act of Tomorrow Never Dies, Pierce Brosnan’s 2nd outing as Bond, and carries it through the end of Casino Royale. However, don’t let this limited run make you think poorly of Walther’s iconic 9mm handgun. The Walther P99 AS (action safe) is a lightweight polymer frame 9mm featuring a 15+1 magazine capacity. The P99 also includes a decocker on the slide, and a paddle-style magazine release housed under the trigger guard. The P99 is a great way to stay within the most popular current handgun caliber, have dependable and quality ballistics, and a cool sense of style all at once. Buy yours today!


004–Vertx Contingency Duffle Bag

When James Bond is on the move and getting geared up in a hurry, we see him use a duffel to get his important gear where it needs to go. Travel in style with your clothing, essentials, and EDC gear with the Vertx Contingency duffle! This sleek and minimalist duffel gives the casual passerby no reason to think you may be carrying firearms on or off the body. Concealed carry is all about being discreet and responsible, and a bag like this allows you to carry all necessary gear without alarming anyone. The Vertx tactigami allows you to discreetly set up magazine pouches, holsters, medical kits and so much more! This bag is the perfect way to prepare for the 00 adventures in your life, so order now and pack accordingly!

005–Sig Sauer P226

Perhaps your personal preference for handguns is a steel frame over polymer—if so—look no further than the Sig Sauer P226, featured in Spectre. Bond uses the P226 in the train sequence to teach Madeline Swan how to defend herself—he soon realizes, however, he’s got nothing to teach her, and in fact, he can rely upon her to keep him safe too. The P226 is the exact same way. It’s a gun that is full of grit and dependability, and unforgettable controls. With a DA/SA trigger, and a decocking lever that is easy to manipulate, this hammer-fired machine is one of the ages! There is little that can be said about the P226 that hasn’t already been. It is a durable workhorse of a 9mm that can certainly surprise even the most experienced shooter with its accuracy. Add this steel-framed iconic 9mm to your fleet today!

006–Oakley Holbrook Sunglasses


The latest 007 Adventure, No Time to Die, is still being filmed, but eagle-eyed fans have noticed that this film is full of different sunglasses. One of the official stills from production shows Daniel Craig walking in the streets of London, with an Aston Martin behind him, and a simple but elegant pair of black polymer-framed sunglasses on. Glasses such as the ones Daniel was sporting and the Oakley Holbrook are perfect for daily wear, and pair well with any attire, no matter what the mission at hand demands! These glasses feature metal bolts and icons to highlight the stress-resistant O MATTER frame, and comfortably lightweight design with pure PLUTONITE lenses that filter out every ray of UV. Rock your minimalist 00 style with a pair of Oakleys!

007—Walther PPK

This handgun is one of the most recognizable firearms of the 20th Century. James Bond first holstered his Walther PPK (which was technically a PP on-screen—but let’s not split hairs) in Dr. No, in 1962. Ever since then, with a few exceptions, this has been the handgun that Britain’s most iconic superspy has relied on. Featuring a steel frame, a manual safety which functions as a decocking lever, and a 6+1 magazine capacity, the PPK is a great heritage piece that can still hold its own as a defense handgun. The PPK’s gorgeous lines help conceal it, inside the waistband or in a shoulder holster, and the weight of the frame keeps the shooter on target for clean and effective follow-up shots. The PPK is a slim and comfortably recoiling handgun, and is a great .380 for carrying and range practice!

Walther, after years of not producing the PPK in any centerfire calibers, has started producing the PPK and PPK/S in .380 Auto once again!

We currently have only one PPK in stock at our Kansas Location, so hurry in and celebrate the holiday in true 00 fashion! If you miss out on it today, don’t worry! We do Special Orders and would absolutely love to be your Q!

Come to Frontier Justice today, and design your own 00 loadout, or shop this blog and follow the links to the great products discussed above! An operative is only as good as their gear, so invest in some of the best and highest quality items on the market today! Happy Global Bond Day!

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