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20 Gifts for Gun Lovers

Great Gifts for Gun Enthusiast 

Christmas is fast approaching and like many, you are probably trying to decide what to get your friends and family. If someone you know is a gun enthusiast then this article is a great place to start to figure out what gift to give them.

Maglula Uplula Mag Loader

This gift is something that every gun enthusiast appreciates… A mag loader! The Maglula Uplulua Mag Loader is a must-have mag loader for pistol caliber magazines. Anyone who shoots with any frequency understands how annoying and painful it can be to load up magazines. These make the process much faster and easier. Every gun lover will appreciate this gift. They are also perfect for those who have less hand strength. This is a great gift for gun enthusiasts.

Streamlight Microstream USB Loader

Flashlights are one of the most underrated items that every gun enthusiast needs to carry. You may think that you do not need a flashlight because you have your phone, well think again. First, phone flashlights are terrible and second, what do you do if you cannot find your phone? The Streamlight Microstream Flashlight is one of the best “bang for your buck” flashlights out there. It is small and very easy to carry with a solid clip for your pocket. It has a high and low light mode based on your needs and it is rechargeable using a charger that plugs right into a USB port! This light is a great gift or stocking stuffer for the gun lover in your family.

Lucky Shot 9mm Ammo Ears

These earplugs are guaranteed to be a hit for all gun enthusiasts. These make a great stocking stuffer and they are very affordable! You need to wear hearing protection when you shoot anyway, so you might as well look cool doing it. This makes a great gift for gun enthusiasts.

Lucky Shot .308 Bulletproof Whiskey Glass

These glasses from Lucky Shot are great for sipping on a drink or just putting on a shelf for display. Every gun lover will think these glasses are cool. They use a real bullet that is molded into the cup. Do not worry though, it is not a live bullet. There is just something James Bond-like about these bullet glasses that makes them a hit. These glasses are a great gift for gun lovers.

NeoMag Magazine Holder

The NeoMag Mag Holder is amazing. In fact, this magazine holder is so good that it was featured in our Must Have EDC Gear Blog. If you carry a gun you should be carrying an extra magazine. You might think that you are fine just throwing it in your pocket but that is not a good idea. It is much harder to get a magazine out of your pocket when you are in a hurry than you would think. The NeoMag has a strong magnet that keeps your extra magazine in place and gives you quick and easy access when you need it. They make 3 universal fit sizes that allow it to be used with a lot of different magazines so you can swap out mags easily to use with multiple different firearms. When the NeoMag Mag Holder is in your pocket, it looks just like a pocket knife, no one will expect otherwise. This is an easy choice when it comes to gifts for the gun enthusiast in your family.

NeoMag Sentry Strap

NeoMag made it on our list twice because they make awesome products. The NeoMag Sentry Strap is something that every AR 15 owner needs. If you have a sling on your AR, you know how annoying that sling can be when you are trying to get your rifle out quickly. It gets caught on stuff and gets in the way at the worst times. The Sentry Strap allows your sling to be tucked out of the way but yet allows it to be deployed easily and quickly. What makes the Neomag Sentry Strap nice is you can use your AR without any problems when the sling is tucked away. This is the perfect firearm accessory for your house, truck, or patrol gun.   This gift is a win for gun lovers.

Black Bullet American Flag

Everyone needs a Black Bullet Flag Sign for their wall, right? These wood signs are beautiful and patriotic! Every patriot will love this sign. Get the gun enthusiast in your family a wooden American Flag sign for Christmas.


Walker’s Razor Slim Electronic Muffs

When it comes to ear protection in the gun world, Walker’s is a well-known brand. We have two products from them here that we love. We will start with the “budget” option first. The Walker Razor Slim Electronic Muffs is an electronic earmuff that is very well made. It blocks out high decibel sound very well while allowing conversational level sounds to pass through. They have a noise reduction rating of 23 decibels. They fold up easily for storage. Great ear protection and an even better price. Sure to be a hit for every gun lover in your family.



Vertx Bags

Sometimes you just don’t have the ability to carry a firearm on your person. That is why Vertx bags are a must. They have a wide variety of sizes and colors and the best part is that they all designed similarly so you can change from one bag to another and not have to alter your set up. Many of their bags have special pockets so you can put ballistic plates in them. This allows you the ability to not only carry a gun to protect yourself but also to use the bag itself to defend yourself which makes it a great option for kids in school. You can’t always be there to protect your kids but the Vertx Bag can. Vertx Bags are a great gift for kids and gun enthusiasts.

Leatherman MUT

Everyone needs a good multi-tool. The Leatherman MUT gives you just about everything you could ever need in a high-quality compact package. Has a screwdriver and Torx bits. Other tools include pliers, a 420HC combo knife, a saw, a hammer and more. Comes standard with a MOLLE sheath and scope adjustment wrench. Grab one for the DIY person that you know. They will love this multi-tool.

Versacarry Belt

One of the most overlooked parts of your EDC gear is a good carry belt. The Versacarry Leather belt provides a high-quality belt that is sturdy yet flexible which makes it great for carrying a handgun wherever you go (which we all know is a must-have tool). Great everyday carry item for the gun lover in your family.


Breakthrough Cleaning Kit

If you shoot guns, you need to clean your guns. Breakthrough Clean Technologies makes a very nice cleaning kit that provides you with all the necessities for keeping your guns clean and running smooth. You can find the Pistol Kit and what is in it here and you can find what is in the Rifle Kit Here. These cleaning kits are a must for all gun enthusiasts.


Real Avid AR15 Armoer’s Master Kit

Do you know someone who loves to build or customize guns? This kit from Real Avid is what they need. It gives you all the tools you need to build your AR. It even comes with instructions on how to use the tools properly. This gift will be a hit for the gun lover you know.

Benchmade 4300-1 CLA Auto DP

Besides a gun, a good knife is a tool that everyone should carry with them. Knives are great tools for opening packages and defending yourself. Sometimes you are not able to carry your firearm with you but you can still carry a knife. You always need to be able to defend yourself. If you are interested in finding out how to defender yourself in situations where you don’t have a gun with you, sign up for our Safe without a Firearm class!

12 Gauge Shot Gun Coasters

Everyone needs coasters, might as well make them 2nd Amendment themed, right? These are sure to be a hit for the hunter in your family. These will protect your table from rings and look awesome at the same time. Ladies, your man will love these, especially for their man cave.


You can never have too many Magazines for your AR! When things get crazy out there you are going to wish you have extra magazines. Even if the gun lover in your family has a couple, I can guarantee that they could use more.

Vaultek SL20i Biometric Slider Safe

Vaultek makes awesome rapid access safes. You want your guns to be secure and protected but you also want to be able to access them quickly if you are in a hurry. The Slider Series from Vaultek allows you to securely store a firearm in your car, next to your bed, or by your desk while allowing you to just scan your fingerprint to unlock it. Vaultek has an app that notifies you if the temperature of your safe has changed or if someone is tampering with it. These safes make great gifts for the gun enthusiast in your family.

Cameleon Purses

Girls, we know that it isn’t always easy to carry a firearm with your outfit. Luckily Cameleon has come up with some great purses that look cute and give you the ability to securely and safely carry a firearm with you no matter what outfit you are wearing. We have a whole blog talking about the Hephaestus Classic Tote in our blog “Bren’s Fashionable Concealed Carry Solution”.

LALO Boots and Shoes

LALO makes great boots and shoes. They actually provide the boots for the Navy Seals BUDs training. They are very durable and super comfortable. They also make training shoes for the workout junky in your family. Check them out!

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