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purchasing your first firearm

5 Steps to Purchasing Your First Firearm

What to expect when buying your first firearm, and becoming a responsible new gun owner.

If you are new to the firearms world, the idea of finding and buying something that is right for you can be incredibly daunting. A question that many of you may have is “How do I purchase a gun?”. The unknown of how to purchase your first gun can seem scary but it is really quite simple. When you come to Frontier Justice, you will find our firearms experts are excited and ready to assist you in making your first gun purchase. First-time gun buyers should who follow these steps will easily find the right gun!

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Step 1 to Purchasing Your First Firearm: Define your Need
buying your first firearm

The first question our firearms experts will frequently ask clients is “What’s the intended purpose of the firearm?” This question is incredibly important, and finding an answer to it is the fastest way to find the perfect first gun for you! There’s a lot of options out there, with different calibers, sizes, manufacturers, and styles to take into consideration, knowing the primary function of your first gun is critical. Perhaps your first gun purchase will be for self-defense and concealed carry, so something smaller may fit the bill. However, if you are looking for something to get started with, maybe a fuller frame could help you out. Defining your need is the first and most crucial step to finding and buying your first gun!

Step 2 to Purchasing Your First Firearm: Find your perfect match
Purchasing your first firearm

After answering that question, work with our firearms experts to find the right first gun for your needs! Handling different firearms on our sales floor is a great way to get an initial feel and fit with a new gun, but be sure to also hit the range and try it out for real! Being able to shoot a rental firearm of the same make and model is incredibly helpful in finding out if the firearm is right for you! You can sign up for our Firearm Fitting Class and have an instructor take you on the range with different firearms to see which fits you best. Trying out multiple guns and calibers can help you decide which gun should be your first gun purchase!

Step 3 to Purchasing Your First Firearm: Paperwork

After finding and picking out your first gun, the paperwork process will begin! Be sure to have your Driver’s License with a current and correct address on it, as well as a supplementary ID if needed! Our firearms experts will process your paperwork and if all goes well, get you your first gun the same day! If the background check processes a ‘delay’ our firearms experts will walk you through that process as well! The ATF paperwork required to purchase a gun is simple and easy, and coming to Frontier Justice makes it even easier with our streamlined processes and expert staff!

Step 4 to Purchasing Your First Firearm: Safe Storage & Other Key Items

After becoming a new owner of a firearm, be sure to get all other necessary items to safely store your firearm! A holster with quality retention will ensure that your new gun won’t be going anywhere if you are carrying it, and a quality gun safe or lockbox will keep it out of unwanted hands when you aren’t around! Additionally, be sure to buy defensive hollow points, and a cleaning kit too! Maintenance and the right ammo and storage are all a part of being a gun owner, and a first gun, like a first kid, will require all the pampering!


Step 5 to Purchasing Your First Firearm: Practice

Finally, a first gun purchase also means some first-time practice! Getting comfortable with your new firearm is very important, and fun too! Come visit us at either location and enjoy our climate-controlled indoor ranges year-round, and get all the practice you need!

Buying your first gun is a daunting task, but at Frontier Justice, it’s our mission to provide the best client experience, and we are proud to help new people each and every day become new and responsible gun owners. Visit us today, we are happy to answer all questions, and help you buy your first gun!



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