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Armed Church Security Team Training

Armed Church Security Training is the first step to protecting the church. A house of worship should be the place we feel the safest. Having a team in place that has gone through the proper church security team training is the first step to ensure that feeling of safety. No matter your creed, the church is a haven to all of mankind, and yet those who wish to do evil only see it as a place filled with potential victims.

If you follow us on social media, you will have seen our vocal praise of Jack Wilson, the hero who prevented a massacre in a house of worship in Texas. One thing that was most striking to us about this story, was the images passed around, showing so many of the attendees leap into action to protect their flock. The actions taken were calm, deliberate, and stopped evil in its tracks. It was clear to those who looked onto the scene after the fact that these folks had taken serious steps to protect themselves, and that they had gone through armed church security training in some respect.

We at Frontier Justice were founded on three critical principles, Faith, Family, and Freedom. This blog will address all three parts of our core beliefs, as we discuss the different programs offered for armed church security training in Kansas City. Nobody should ever feel unsafe where they deserve to feel safest, and this is exactly why we at Frontier Justice have worked with a variety of churches in the Kansas City Metropolitan area for five years, helping with armed church security training. The USCCA has a great video discussing the importance of armed church security.


Protect your Flock & Family with Armed Church Security Training

Armed Church Security Training
The Guardian Angel Program

Our Guardian Angel program is a great starting point for those looking for armed church security team training. Each participant will receive 8.5 hours of instruction, including classroom lecture and personalized range instruction. This church security training program includes two courses, Basic Fundamentals – Pistol I and our situational decision-making course; as well as 30 minutes in our firearms simulator (read more about our simulator here). This program also includes an onsite vulnerability threat assessment and written report as well. This service alone is normally $250, and you also save an additional $120 in training when you book the Guardian Angel Program for your armed church security training needs—with an unbeatable price of $200 per student, with a $320 value.



Armed Church Security Team Training
The Archangel Program

Similar to the Guardian Angel Program, the Archangel Armed Church Security Training Program includes a package of critical classes, services and range times to get your armed church security training started properly. Overall, this armed church security training program offers 10.5 hours of instruction. This package includes Basic Pistol, our On-Guard Pistol Skills II, Situational Decision making, and 30 minutes in the simulator as well. The range time will be heavily focused on marksmanship, draw stroke, and target identification and discrimination.

Pistol Skills II is a fantastic course to add to your armed security training program. This course allows your team to work in small groups, forward of the firing line, with barricades. This class is meant to help focus in on skills critical to working indoors, and efficient drawing of the firearm when necessary.

This armed church security training program also includes our onsite vulnerability threat assessment and written report as well. All this training can be scheduled today for $265 per student—normally a $395 value when each class is scheduled alone.

Armed Church Security Team Training
The Christian Soldier Program

This program builds on basic skills learned in previous packages or courses that your armed church security team may have taken, by focusing exclusively on advanced pistol handling and adding in training with an AR-15 as well. This armed church security training program includes our Always be Ready Pistol Skills III course, Situational Decision Making, our Basic AR-15 course, and 30 minutes in the simulator for each participant. Similar to Pistol II, Pistol Skills III focuses on marksmanship skills, draw stroke, and target identification. This training is scheduled for $290 per student, a $497 value when courses are scheduled alone. This package also includes our onsite vulnerability threat assessment and written report as well.



Onsite Threat & Vulnerability
Church Security Training in Kansas City

Frontier Justice is proud to offer an onsite threat and vulnerability assessment which, in an attempt to mitigate risk, utilizes a multidisciplinary approach considering the full spectrum of threats for any given location. We examine the physical environment as well as the human element. Once we have identified plausible threats, our Risk Management Specialists will determine the level of risk and vulnerability. Next, we will determine what measures could be taken to safeguard against a successful attack by potential aggressors. This service includes a formal written report, completed by our Risk Management Specialist. This service is $250 for a single location and $375 for two locations. We include this service with our other training programs. We will provide this service by itself to help your church in any way we can.

Protecting your Flock with Armed Church Security Training

Our programs are long term relationships that allow your flock to feel safe in the one place they should feel safe. We will not let terrorists and evil men destroy our ability to celebrate the Lord in any way, and we will, through our numerous armed church security training programs, help create unique procedures for your team to protect this right.

Remember, like having a firearm for home defense, consistent practice and familiarity with one’s tools is paramount to operational success if they are needed. Protecting the house of the Lord is the exact same way. Therefore we recommend follow up courses and memberships for our church security teams who have gone through our armed church security training in the past. Thank you for choosing Frontier Justice, and welcome to our family.



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