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How to load an ar15 and pistol magazine

How to load an AR15 and Pistol Magazine

For those who have been around firearms their whole life, this may seem silly but many who are new to the firearm world do not know how to load an AR15 or pistol magazine. It is one of those things that seems simple until you have to do it and you realize that there is just a little technique to doing it right.  When I was still new to firearms, I did not realize that AR magazines loaded a little different than pistol magazines. Be sure to watch the video of how to load an AR15 and pistol magazine!

Let’s start with how to load an AR15 magazine.

This style is a little easier than a pistol magazine. With this style of magazine, you just take the round, with the actual bullet end of the round pointing forward, and you just push it down until it locks into place. Sometimes magazines will show you which way the round should face, like in the picture below. As you load more rounds, be sure to check to make sure that the rounds are all the way to the rear of the magazine. You will then take the next round and place it on top of the first round and push down in the same manner. You will continue this process until the magazine is full. Once your magazine is full, it should look like the magazine that is pictured below on the right.

How to load an ar15 magazine

How to load an ar15 magazine


Next, let’s cover how to load a pistol magazine

Pistol magazines require just a little technique to load. Instead of just pushing the rounds down, like with the AR15 magazine, you will push down and slide back. To start, you will grab your magazine and the first round. you will want the front of the round, where the actual bullet part of the round resides, and be sure that it is pointing towards the front of the magazine as pictured below. Once you are sure the round is facing the right direction, you will put the rear of the cartridge near the front of the magazine and push down and slide the cartridge towards the rear of the magazine. After you get the first one in, you will repeat this process in a similar fashion.

How to load a pistol magazine

Pistol magazines, especially new magazines, can be a little stiff and hard to get rounds loaded in. That is why we strongly recommend a speed loader. At Frontier Justice, we love the Maglula Uplula Magazine Loader. The Uplula makes loading magazines so much easier. Loading pistol magazines can cause your fingers to hurt but with this magazine loader that is not a problem. 

We strongly recommend the New Shooter Seminar for those who are new to firearms. This is a free seminar that covers the basics of firearms. 

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