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New Shooter Seminar for first-time gun owners

New Shooter Seminar – First-time gun owners

Welcome first-time gun owners!

The New Shooter Seminar is a great first step for first-time gun owners. If you are new to the firearm world, we welcome you! We also want to educate you. You should not be handling your firearm in any capacity until you receive training from a certified instructor on how to properly handle a gun. Each firearm is different and you need to be sure that an instructor works with you on how to handle your particular firearm. If you have not purchased your first gun yet, check out our blog “5 Steps to Purchasing Your First Firearm“.

The reason we have had such a large influx in first-time gun owners is that people are scared. The future is uncertain and everyone wants to be able to protect themselves and their families. Frontier Justice understands that but you are not going to be “safe” just because you purchased a firearm. The firearm is only as good as the person using it. If you have not had any previous training, then we highly recommend a class after this initial snapshot of what to expect and consider. In a self-defense situation, you do not rise to the occasion, you will sink to your level of training. Take a car, for instance, a car is a great solution for the need to travel from point A to point B. However, would you just hand car keys to someone who has never driven a car before and expect them to successfully navigate roads and get to the destination successfully? Of course not! They would be a liability to themselves and everyone around them. A firearm, in many ways, is the same. You cannot expect to successfully and safely use that firearm if you have no training. 

The New Shooter Seminar is a great (and free!) resource that we provide that allows first-time gun owners to receive some education on the very basics. This is not meant to be the end of your firearm education, it is meant to be merely the beginning. In this seminar the following topics will be discussed:

  • Gun safety
  • Gun storage
  • Types of firearms and their parts
  • Magazine
  • Ammunition
  • Sights
  • What to expect on the range
  • What you need at the range
  • Cleaning your gun
  • Future training

Check out some of our firearm training classes here! If you have any questions, contact us or come on by. We would love to answer all your questions!


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