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Vaultek - Quick Access Safes

Vaultek – Quick Access Safes

Vaultek Quick Access Gun Safes are some of the best, quick -access, safes on the market. A common question we get at Frontier Justice is: “How should I store my self-defense gun?” This is a fine line. You will want to easily, and quickly, access your firearm in an emergency. You also don’t want your firearm just sitting out, especially if there are children around. So what should you do?? Enter the Vaultek Safe!


Quality of Vaultek Quick Access Safes

Vaultek Safes are made of high-quality materials. The Vaultek safes have dual latches that help secure the top down. They have anti-pry bars lining the sides so they cannot be pried open. They are made of high-grade steel. You will not be able to get into a Vaultek Safe if you are not authorized. That is great but what about those who do need to access the safe?

Vaultek Safe – Features


Vaultek Quick Access Gun Safes provide very reliable rapid access options. All you have to do is type in a simple code. You can also just swipe your finger. The buttons are very tactile and have backlighting. The buttons can be easily pressed when in a hurry. If you do not want to mess with a code, use the fingerprint scanner. The fingerprint scanner is very reliable and fast. Also, Vaultek safes store several fingerprints at one time. This way, each family member can store their own fingerprint if you would like. These safes are very secure.

One of the best features is the Vaultek app. This is only available on the wifi-enabled models but it is very useful. With this app, you can receive alerts when someone is tampering with your safe. You also can see when the safe has been opened. It can also tell you what temperature your safe is at any given time. This is particularly useful if there were a fire that you did not know about. The app will warn you if it is getting too warm. You will also be able to monitor the battery life of the safe and receive a notification if the battery is getting low.

Vaultek Quick Access Models

Vaultek Quick Access Gun Safes


VT Series

The VT20i and VT10i are your typical clamshell safes. The only difference in these is size. The VT10i will fit one handgun while the VT20i can fit two handguns. These are good for nightstands or closets. They are wifi compatible and have the fingerprint scanner as well as the passcode. All Vaultek Safes come with a manual key that you can use if the battery dies.

An unexpected use of these safes is for college dorm rooms for valuables (not firearms).  They come with a cord that can attach inside and be anchored to a piece of heavy furniture.  Some college students keep their valuables safe by using this series.  Others have used them in vehicles for valuables you don’t want loose in your car when using valet or airport parking.

Slider Safes

Vaultek offers a series of slider safes. These slider safes hold one firearm and they slide open. These are great because they can be mounted anywhere. The Vaultek SL20 and SL20i are very versatile safes. They can be mounted on the side of a nightstand or under a desk or in your car. These offer quick access to your firearm in situations where you need an upright safe. These are lit inside for nighttime access that is seamless.

Vaultek Quick Access Gun Safes








Vaultek Quick Access Gun Safes keep your firearms accessible but secure. Unfortunately, children are lost every year because adults hid their gun, instead of securing it. Children are curious and they will find something if you hide it. Remember to always teach your children the 4 firearm safety rules and always secure your firearms.


Come see us for your firearm storage needs!




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