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What to consider before you concealed carry

4 Things to Consider Before Carrying a Gun

There’s a lot that goes into beginning your journey with concealed carry, including what to consider before carrying a gun. You may be like many in America right now and you feel the need to protect yourself. That is completely understandable but there is a lot more to protecting yourself with a firearm than just purchasing one. Just because you have a gun does not mean that you are safe from harm.

1. Responsibility

Responsibility when carrying a gun

Overall, when you begin carrying a gun, you are making a commitment to yourself and your loved ones. A commitment to be safe, smart, and well trained. It is your responsibility to train with that firearm and to make sure that it is always secure. You take on the responsibility of holding lives in your hand when you decide to carry a firearm. You need to know when and where you can carry as well as when it is acceptable and lawful to pull your firearm. You cannot use lethal force unless you can prove your life or someone else’s life was in danger. Which is why we strongly recommend Concealed Carry Insurance. If you ever must use your firearm to defend yourself, there will likely be at least some level of litigation that follows, and concealed carry insurance will cover those legal costs and provide an attorney to your case. Carrying a gun invokes a level of responsibility in having quality protection, equipment, awareness, and storage when not in use. There are so many things to consider when carrying a gun, and our sales experts are ready and waiting to help you on this journey. Be smart, be safe, and be responsible.


2. Training

4 things to consider before carrying a gun - Training

Training followed by proper practice on the range are two of the most important steps to owning a firearm. Taking the time to ensure that you understand what you are doing is critical to safe carrying practices. A gun isn’t a hammer, you don’t just pick it up when you need it and expect it to work. Your gun is more like an instrument, and you need to get to the range and go through classes to get the proper training and practice to get more efficient. To safely start carrying a gun, we strongly recommend taking a variety of courses. Training is the most important step to learning how to properly defend yourself, but it does not stop there. If you never practice what you learn in the class out on the range, it will be a waste of time.

At Frontier Justice, we offer a variety of classes that are built around carrying guns. To start your journey, we recommend a Firearm Fitting. This is a one on one time with an instructor where you discuss what you are looking for in a firearm. You will get to try out several different firearms to find what best fits you. Basic Pistol Skills I course, which will create a solid foundation for your training. There are so many options on the shelves, trust our experts to help pair you with something that was built exactly for your hand.

The next step on your training journey towards carrying a gun should be our Concealed Carry Class. We offer these frequently at all locations. This eight-hour class will teach you all the fundamentals of safely carrying a gun, and where you can and cannot carry your gun. Additionally, this class does require you to qualify on the range, but if you don’t own a gun yet, no problem! We have a variety of guns in our rental fleet that you can try out prior to picking a gun to carry!

These are just a few of the many courses our expert instructing staff offer in order to help you learn how to safely carry a gun. Education is a journey, one that has no endpoint. Whether you continue to learn through Private Lessons, additional courses, or through consistent range usage with our Memberships, be sure to never stop learning as you begin carrying a gun.

3. Insurance

What to consider before carrying a gun

When you start carrying a gun, you need to also begin carrying something else, self-defense insurance. At Frontier Justice, we are a proud partner of the US Concealed Carry Association, a legal defense insurance program that offers comprehensive, multistate coverage that allows you to communicate directly with an attorney in the event of a self-defense incident while carrying a gun, or any other legal weapon. 

We love the US Concealed Carry Association as well because of the continuing education opportunities offered. USCCA also offers a variety of online seminars that are pertinent to your training as you begin carrying a gun. 

            Carrying self-defense insurance helps protect you and your loved ones before, during, and after an incident occurs, and is something we strongly recommend prior to carrying a gun.  Sign up for your USCCA Membership and claim your free concealed carry guide today!

4. Equipment

Carrying a gun requires some special equipment, from holsters to spare magazines, your Everyday Carry (EDC) has to be purpose-built for your needs. Deciding on what to carry and how to carry is incredibly difficult at times, and is something that will likely change with the seasons. Many people opt to carry a larger frame firearm in the winter months when one is wearing more layers and it is easier to conceal than a larger gun. There is a great debate about which position is the best-concealed carry position. It will vary from person to person on which position works for you! There is also the debate between on-body and off-body concealed carry. If you do opt for off-body Vertx makes some great bags in all different sizes that are great for concealed carry. Check out their concealed carry bag options here!


Quality, purpose-built ammo is critical to the safe carrying of a firearm. The last thing you want to do is use a cartridge that is wrong for your gun, or wrong for self-defense. Becoming familiar with what defense rounds are available, as well as which ones cycle well through your firearm, can be the difference between life and death in a scenario where you are forced to use your carry gun. Hollow Point ammo is the best for self-defense. Unlike ball ammo that you practice with on the range, hollow points expand upon impact that allows for maximum stopping power. It also keeps the bullet from over penetrating your target and hitting an unintended target.

            Additionally, there is always a great “caliber debate” being waged. When deciding to carry a gun, it is important that the firearm is in a caliber that is good for self-defense. For a more in-depth discussion on this, see this blog detailing the pros and cons of different calibers.


We hope that you will consider these 4 things before deciding to carry a gun. Frontier Justice is here to answer all your questions and help you with whatever you need!

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