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Best Firearms for Home Defense

Best Guns for Home Defense

What are the best guns for home defense? We are currently in the middle of one of the largest increases in firearms transactions in our country’s history. We at Frontier Justice do not condone or support fear-mongering, but we will present the facts as they are. Simply put, many are concerned about their personal safety. Many folks are realizing that personal safety is something each of us is required to create for ourselves. With that in mind, we want to share with you some thoughts regarding what we consider some of the best guns for home defense. Each one of you is different, and your needs and requirements will vary as well. That’s okay. At Frontier Justice, we pride ourselves on our expert staff, and with their strong understanding of the industry, we will help you find the best gun for your home defense.

            That said, there are some clear drawbacks and benefits to each type of gun, and finding which is the best gun for home defense is a matter of weighing those costs and benefits to find the best middle-ground for you. In this blog, we will compare and weigh some of these for you, in the hopes of helping you find the best gun for home defense.

Handguns: What Makes Them the Best Guns for Home Defense


 Pistols are fundamentally one of the best possible tools for home defense. If you are to buy a pistol with the express purpose of home defense, do not buy a subcompact. Those are designed for concealment and are not the best guns for home defense. The best pistols for home defense are mid to full size, with magazine capacities of roughly 15 or more. The larger size means less recoil due to an increase in mass and grip length, and it also provides you with more rounds. Additionally, many midsize pistols offer an accessory rail on the bottom of the frame, meaning you can add a flashlight, making it the best gun for home defense. A weapon-mounted light allows the user to not fumble about for light switches, as a victim to the dark in the event of a home invasion. Check out our blog on Best Concealed Carry Calibers to learn more about the different calibers and their pros and cons. 




Shotguns: What Makes Them the Best Guns for Home Defense

Shotguns are the standard, go-to item for home defense. A simple operating system, with powerful shells designed uniquely for defense inside the home. Many assume that because it is a “scattergun” one can simply point, pray, and shoot to eliminate the threat if necessary. Be sure that if you are buying a shotgun for home defense, you follow the same rules we have for any gun… Practice. Practice. Practice.

The best gun for home defense is the one you know how to use. Ensuring that you and your family can easily handle the heavier recoil from a 12 GA shotgun is key if you intend to use it as the primary tool for home defense.  Be sure to purchase slugs, and become confident with your proficiency. Shotguns can be a good tool, but oftentimes they seem to be the victim of the “hammer fallacy,” meaning, they are left under the bed, unoiled and unready, until the moment they are needed.

Another legitimate drawback faced by a shotgun being the primary gun for home defense is the fixed magazine. Most shotguns have a five-round magazine tube fixed underneath the barrel, requiring the user to load each shell individually. Be sure to become proficient with rapidly reloading the feed tube (think John Wick style) in case you have to reload in the event of a defensive shooting. Shotguns, all in all, are easy to use, and effective when used right, but do have legitimate drawbacks, including recoil and magazine capacity. However, as mentioned prior, the best gun for home defense is the one that suits your needs and works for you. Understanding the nuances of each platform can help you find the best gun for home defense.

Rifles: What Makes Them the Best Guns for Home Defense

The most popular rifle platform in America currently, the AR-15, is one of the best guns for home defense. With the standard magazine capacity being 30 rounds, recoil being minimal, and ample space for whatever accessories you may need it is clear why it is a popular choice for home defense. As mentioned in the handgun section, the addition of light helps make any firearm the best gun for home defense. Adding a quality light to your rifle can help immensely. One of the huge benefits of rifle-mounted lights is the pressure pad that you can purchase or that may come with the light. These pads rest on the top rail, allowing the shooter to “C-clamp” the rifle and rest their thumb directly on the switch. Additionally, the ease in which you can affix a quality optic to your rifle makes them some of the best guns for home defense as well. A red dot or holographic sight, without any sort of eye relief required to gain a sight picture, make for great, easy optics for your home defense rifle. These allow you to keep both eyes open at all times, without losing sight of the reticle. Considering how many tight corners and doorways you may find in your household, closing one eye to gain a sight picture is something we do not recommend. In doing so, you lose half your sight radius, which may prevent you from seeing a threat. Semi-automatic rifles are the true Barbie dolls of the gun industry and can be changed to fit you and your needs with complete ease. This is why many find them to be the best guns for home defense.

 What Makes ANY Gun the Best for Home Defense?


       If there has been any common thread throughout this blog, it is that no gun is the best for home defense unless you understand it, and know how to use it well. Take classes, watch videos, hit the range. Your education is the most important tool you have in any situation, and that sentiment holds true in firearms and self-defense. Arming yourself with the right tools and knowledge is key. So, whether you elect to purchase a handgun, shotgun, or rifle, know how to use it, and know how to be safe. Visit our expert staff at either location, and they will help you find the right tool and the best gun for home defense.

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