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Learn to Shoot

New Year’s Resolution – Learn to Shoot

While compiling a list of resolutions this year, consider adding “learn to shoot” to that list. Here’s why. You just bought that gym membership and you are awash with the hope and determination that 2021 is going to be “your year”!  You will lose those 15 pandemic pounds and you will be healthier and fitter than ever before.  We are rooting for you!  Make it be so!

Our question is:   Are you tactically fit?  Can you protect this new healthy body or the bodies of the family you love in an emergency situation?

We get it—it takes time.  Anything worth having is worth working for-right?  You are going to work hard to get all those 15 pounds off that you created by learning to bake bread.  What if you invested in learning how to shoot and then practicing with your firearm?  It’s the concept of personal responsibility that our country was founded upon and it’s something our tribe takes seriously. 

For just $29 a month, you can come anytime, with a guest, and stay as long as you want.  You can practice shooting, take classes, learn life skills that in the heat of a moment could save your life and the lives of your loved ones.  We have Range Safety Officers on duty every minute the range is open to assist you if you have a problem.  They have safety tips and shooting tips that they share daily.

Why not take it a step further and take a private lesson?  For just $75 for one hour you can do it solo and ask as many questions as you like.  No question is dumb.  We don’t care if you have NEVER even held a firearm before. Take the time to learn to shoot, and we’ll take it from there. We want to help.  We take great pride in training beginners.  At least know how to load, unload and make a firearm ready to use in an emergency.   Again, these skills could be the difference between life and death, for not only you but your entire family.  The firearm in the back of your closet is useless if you don’t have the simple skills to use it in an emergency.

We live in uncertain times, which is enough for most to go ahead and be prepared.  However, uncertain times or not, for the Second Amendment to continue and not be struck from our history, we need to dispel the fear and ignorance that surrounds this tool—the firearm.  Most people who take even just one lesson, are amazed at how easy and non-threatening the sport of shooting is.  It’s a sport that millions enjoy but it’s also a life skill.  We want to give you the skills to feel competent and prepared.  Won’t you join us today?  Be a part of our tribe by clicking here and let’s kick off 2021 at the range, right after you stop off at the gym!

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