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The Frontier Justice Trifecta

By:  Bren Brown

Veterans.  Not even kidding, some of my very favorite people on the planet.  I don’t know exactly why I have such an affinity for this group, other than the obvious debt we all owe to each of them, but I really like these men.  Maybe that’s just it, in a world where men are tough to find, you can always find true “men” at Frontier Justice.  My very good friend Suzy, has told me on more than one occasion, that she has an unexpected reason for loving coming to Frontier Justice (outside of the fact that she is a boutique junky—and I’m not complaining about that!).  You know what she has told me she really loves?  She loves that every time she comes in or goes out of our buildings, someone holds the door for her.  It’s so uncommon in other areas of our lives, chivalry, that a small bit of it showing up each visit is so touching and so outstanding that she loves it.  Chivalry is not dead and neither is masculinity and I think this goes to what I love about veterans.  They are true gentlemen (not discounting there are many women who are veterans) that have fought for my freedom to own and run a business that excels in promoting faith, family and freedom.

Enter in, Tom, Charlie and Bob. 

Tom is a retired jeweler who befriended the mailman, Charlie many years ago.  Bob was a client of Tom’s and was proud to show me his lighter that Tom reconstructed for him.  Bob lent his original lighter to another soldier in a bunker in the middle of Vietnam. That soldier was sent elsewhere and Bob never saw his lighter again.  Tom met the challenge and exceeded Bob’s expectations, making a life-long friend in the process.

Charlie was the first to become a member of Frontier Justice but when the group gathered for a meal at Culvers,  they hatched the idea of shooting together.  It turned into such a fun place to meet up and enjoy an activity that Tom followed in buying membership during a Black Friday sale event.  One by one, an even larger group, involving a handful of other veterans, formed and joined Frontier Justice as members.  Charlie was honest when he told me that when we first opened, he wasn’t sure we would last.  I asked why he felt that way and he told me he had been a member of like three other places that had folded.  We both acknowledged it’s a very hard business and we are proud to be growing further across the Midwest nearly 8 years later from the idea of Frontier Justice came to fruition for me and Mike.


Three Stores. One Day.

I had the opportunity today to sit with the three who hang out in the Missouri location on most Tuesdays and ask them a few questions about their recent FJ Trifecta where two of them, Tom and Charlie, visited all three ranges in ONE day!  It started with a joke between the group and Jason Wagner, our COO, about the fact that they had never shot at the Kansas location.  Before you know it, the group had come up with shooting at all three locations, and Jason told them to let us know once they got it done!

One week later, they did it.  Not in one week, but in ONE DAY.

Poor Bob was left behind to manage a “honey do” list.  I applauded his wisdom—happy wife; happy life.

The day started in Omaha where Tom and Charlie were there before the store opened and waited to go in and try out this new range!  After a disappointing fast food breakfast experience, which will go down as the only negative of the entire day, they were ready for the Trifecta, Frontier Justice-Omaha!  They were immediately struck with how friendly everyone was and how excited they were for the mission ahead!  Charlie said, “I don’t know who you have hiring, but you have some of the NICEST people anywhere.”  Testimony to the team we call FAMILY and what a great team we have assembled in all of our stores!  It really feels good for our entire staff to hear those affirming words.


Another thing that struck the guys was what a feat it was to convert a movie theatre into a range.  They were intrigued and impressed with the layout and history of the building.  And, although they all had something different, all three stores really carried the FJ brand!

They had exited Omaha by 10:45 after they looked around and shopped a bit.

Next stop, Kansas City, KS—a range near home, but not the home range.  They placed the target they shot and had signed in Omaha on the carrier and shot on the KS range with the same fanfare they received in Nebraska.  Everyone was excited about their mission.  They could see all of the elements that were woven into all three locations to make this brand we are proudly building.

But, of all the things that struck them, first and foremost was the company culture and the people who served them.

Target signed, pictures taken they rolled into the Missouri range around 3:30 pm.  They are known in Missouri as this is their “home” location hailing from the Raymore, Belton and Peculiar areas of the metro.   They were proud to announce to Jason that their mission was complete—they would be forever recorded as the “first” to complete the FJ Trifecta!  Without hesitation we had staff upstairs hunting gifts and prizes to applaud their feat.  The photos quickly made it around social media, email and text.  Everyone was excited!


Tom and Charlie ended the day with a dinner at Outback in Belton and Charlie said, “We just had a ball!”  They both felt that it was a fun day and time well spent.  We chatted about how hard of a job the Range Safety Officers have and what a responsibility it is to hold that position.  They commended our Officers on always being so good at keeping everyone safe and everything running—of course, singling out, Mark in the Missouri location as quite an asset.  We all agreed it’s not easy to politely correct errors on the range—keeping it fun and safe.  They felt all of our ranges were ran with complete responsibility, cleanliness and fun….as this is a real highlight to all of their weeks, shooting at Frontier Justice.  Together.

They didn’t serve together in the Marines and the Air Force, but they found lives intersecting back home and there has never been a better intersection than the one they have found at Frontier Justice.  We thank you again from the halls of Faith, Family and Freedom, gentlemen, for your service and thank you for reviewing all three of our brick and mortar stores in ONE day as a fun thing for us all to celebrate!  Congrats-and enjoy the fun gifts!

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