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Introducing the Silencer Shop Kiosk

If you’ve ever said that buying a silencer is too expensive, too long of a wait, or that the paperwork is too confusing, you’re not alone. Far from it. Buying a silencer is a big deal, and the National Firearms Act makes it feel too big to navigate on your own. Enter: The Silencer Shop Kiosk at Frontier Justice.

What is the Silencer Shop Kiosk?

The Silencer Shop Kiosk at Frontier Justice is an interactive and simple solution to the struggles faced by those interested in buying a silencer. The kiosk saves all the time that was usually spent chasing down photos, and fingerprints. Not only that, but when combined with the Silencer Shop mobile app, we are able to completely eliminate the need for paper forms.

Now, you can walk into any Frontier Justice location, walk up to our kiosk and immediately complete the entire process (except the NFA wait!). Honestly, the hardest thing for you now is deciding which silencer is right for you! Shop the collection in store or online today!

What is the National Firearms Act (NFA)?

The National Firearms Act was enacted in 1934 to limit access to silencers, short barreled rifles and shotguns, “any other weapons” (AOW), and machine guns. According to the ATF, the NFA was specifically passed to create a financial burden on the consumer and to limit the ease of purchase, to dissuade citizens from owning devices the government deemed too dangerous to be owned privately.

The NFA requires the registration of all NFA items with the Secretary of the Treasury. To purchase and register a manufactured silencer, ATF Form 4 must be submitted, along with two sets of fingerprints, two photographs, and $200.

Typically, this is done physically, with the mailing of the paperwork and all of the companion materials, and then the wait begins. The Silencer Shop Kiosk at Frontier Justice trims the need for physical materials and allows you to painlessly submit your Form 4.

So, How do I buy a Suppressor?

As we’ve mentioned above, while the NFA was designed to make the process of buying a silencer tedious, our all new Silencer Shop Kiosks make your purchase easier than ever before. This kiosk, paired with our all new website collection of NFA items, changes that entirely. What we are trying to say is that buying a silencer has been simplified over the years, and we’ve distilled it into 9 simple steps! The best part is, all nine of these steps take place at the Silencer Shop Kiosk at Frontier Justice!

1. Purchase Silencer
2. Purchase Tax Stamp
3. Submit Fingerprints
4. Fill Out Information
5. Submit Photo
6. Choose How to File
7. Electronically Sign
8. Wait
9. Pick it up!

To find the right silencer for you and your needs, come in and work with our Frontier Justice Experts! We can’t wait to help you along in your journey!


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