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The Next Generation: Our First Youth Shoot & Scholarship Contest

Faith. FAMILY. Freedom.

This year, we had the wonderful opportunity to host our very first Youth Shoot & Scholarship Contest!

It was so fun to spend the day with the next generation of shooters and their families! Seeing everyone together on the range was amazing, and it’s what we’re all about! Being able to watch whole families compete together across a wide swath of age groups was so exciting! More than that, it was incredibly humbling to hear how our scholarships are impacting the lives of those in our community. A scholarship contest has been a dream of the company since we were founded, and it means more than we can ever express to finally have hosted one.

The scholarship portion of the tournament started as essay contest, asking those who entered to write about why they are proud to be Americans. The top ten essays were then selected to compete in a shooting competition for $10,000 in scholarship money. The top winner received $5,000 in scholarship money, the second place got $3,000, third place $1,000 and all the rest of the kids won a $50 gift card to Frontier Justice. The money is available for any vo-tech school or college.

Education is a core part of our mission at Frontier Justice. Helping establish that the firearm is a tool, and essential to the liberty and safety of a free state is tantamount. Our purpose is to build facilities that capably make everyone feel comfortable and safe. Helping bring the next generation into the shooting sports, both for protection and sport, is something we are proud of everyday.

Below we have compiled quotes from the essay’s of our top three shooters on why they are proud to be an American. To hear the personal reasons as to why this country is great to each individual is a pleasant experience in a world that seems to consistently be afraid of saying anything remotely positive about the United States. We must be like these wonderful young adults. We must be proud to be an American, be proud of our families, and be proud of our faith. We cannot be afraid of standing for something.

“I believe that every American has his or her personal reasons to feel proud of their country. I know that I was born with a set of freedoms as an American that may not always be guaranteed. What we do with these freedoms, and how we act upon them, will impact future generations. I choose to be proud of my country and the freedom it grants me, because I know there are forces from all over the world constantly trying to take them away. By choosing to live out these freedoms with American pride, we, as Americans can know that those killed, fighting for our country, have not died in vain.”

–Casy N. 1st Place Winner, Recipient of our $5,000 Scholarship.

Casy is a graduate of Summit Christian Academy, and will be attending Grand Canyon University in the Fall.

“The Founding Fathers had an amazing sense of seeing the future and making sure our freedoms remained in place. I have had the privilege to be homeschooled and to participate in the shooting sports, two opportunities that are not allowed in many countries. The Constitution is what makes sure the government does not take away our freedoms…The medical advancements that came from the United States are many…I was born with club feet. Both my feet were turned in at extreme angles. I started treatment shortly after … You cannot tell I had club feet at birth today. I can run, walk, and stand for extended periods of time at the range while shooting. I am thankful to God for being born in the United States at this point in history with the medical treatments available for club feet so I could live a normal life.”

–Jenna L. Second Place Shooter, Recipient of our $3,000 Scholarship

Jenna is a graduate of the Seminole Academy, and will be attending Johnson County Community College in the Fall.

“Being an American is not just a title, it is a way of life. At times the world will hate us. They will demonize us and berate us, but we must remain firm in our values and in our freedom, we must remain grateful to be Americans, and we must be ready and willing to fight against any who would seek to strip us of our freedoms…I am the descendant of men and women who refused to kneel to the will of the world around them. I am proudly a Christian, and I will say loud and proud until they put me into the ground, “God Bless America.”

–Devin H. 3rd Place Shooter, Recipient of our $1,000 Scholarship

Devin is a graduate of Summit Christian Academy and will be attending Hannibal-LaGrange University in the Fall.

Thank you so much to everyone who attended and who made this tournament special. We already can’t wait to host this again!


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