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Frontier Justice’s Tips on How to Prepare for Hunting Season

How to prepare for hunting season

The fall season is one of our favorite times of year. Cooler weather, turning leaves, and hot summer nights replaced with brisk autumn evenings. 

It’s also one of the most beloved times of year for many firearms enthusiasts: hunting season! Early fall is a crucial time for hunting season preparation, and Frontier Justice is your headquarters for everything you need in the field.

In this blog, we go over exactly how to prepare for hunting season so you’re not caught unprepared when it’s time to climb into your deer blind. 

The Frontier Justice Hunting Season Preparation Guide

Hunting season can catch you by surprise if you’re not paying attention, but if you follow our guide on how to prepare for hunting season, you’ll be the envy of any group you might hunt with. 

Learn when seasons start

One of the most important things to know about hunting season is when the seasons actually are! Each state has different rules around hunting season, so make sure you check with your state’s government regulation entities so you’re hunting at the right times. Below are the different hunting season dates for our home states of Missouri, Kansas, and Nebraska. 

Missouri 2021 Fall Hunting Seasons

  • Deer (Archery) – September 15-November 12; November 24-January 15
  • Deer (Firearms) – November 13-November 23
  • Turkey (Archery) – September 15-November 12; November 24-January 15
  • Turkey (Firearms) – October 1-October 31
  • Bear – October 18-October 27
  • Pheasant – November 1-January 15
  • Quail – November 1-January 15
  • Waterfowl – North Zone: October 30-December 28; Middle Zone: November 6-November 14, November 20-January 9; South Zone: November 25-November 28, December 7-January 31. 
  • Visit the Missouri Department of Conservation website for a full breakdown of Missouri’s hunting seasons. 

Kansas 2021 Fall Hunting Seasons

  • Deer (Archery) – September 13-December 31
  • Deer (Pre-rut Whitetail Antlerless only) – October 9-October 11
  • Deer (Firearms) – December 1-December 12
  • Turkey – October 1-November 10
  • Elk (Archery) – September 13-December 31
  • Elk (Firearms) – December 1-December 12
  • Pheasant – November 13-January 31
  • Quail – November 13-January 31
  • Duck – Low Plains Southeast Zone: November 6-January 2; Low Plains Late Zone: October 30-January 2; Low Plains Early Zone: October 9-December 5, December 18-January 2; High Plains Unit: October 9-January 2. 
  • Visit the Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks website for a full breakdown of Kansas’ hunting seasons. 

Nebraska 2021 Fall Hunting Seasons

  • Deer (Archery) – September 1-December 31
  • Deer (Firearms) – November 13-November 21
  • Antelope (Archery) – August 20-December 31
  • Antelope (Firearms) – October 9-October 24
  • Turkey – September 15-January 31
  • Elk bull (Archery) – September 1-October 31
  • Elk bull (Firearms) – September 1-October 31
  • Pheasant – October 30-January 31
  • Quail – October 30-January 31
  • Duck – Zone 1: October 16-December 28; Zone 2: December 21 in Low Plains, October 9-December 21 and January 5-January 26 in the High Plains; Zone 3: January 4-January 26; Zone 4: January 11. 
  • Visit the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission website for a full breakdown of Kansas’ hunting seasons. 

Get your permits in order

States typically require a permit for each specific game type before hunting season starts, and there are limits to how much you can hunt. For example, in Missouri hunters are limited to one antlered or antlerless deer per permit. Many states also require a hunter education certification before obtaining a permit, so make sure to check the permit requirements in your state. 

Find the right firearms

Your firearm is the most important tool for hunting season. Using firearms to feed and provide for your family is a staple of American life going back to before this country was even founded, and we are proud to support that staple of American culture. 

Finding which firearm is right for your hunting trip isn’t as cut-and-dry as you would think, however. While some may have their father’s old hunting rifle to fall back on, many are just getting into the sport. Whether you need to replace your Dad’s old scope, or get set up with a whole new rifle, our expert staff is ready to help you get set for the upcoming season!

Always check your equipment, and make sure you shoot your firearm. Even if you did not mess with it since last season, always make sure it is sighted in just before going out. 

What are you hunting for?

Deer hunting and duck hunting are very different activities, and they both require very specific tools. If you bring a bolt action rifle instead of a shotgun with you to the lake to hunt waterfowl, you’re not likely to come away with many birds. Some states even restrict what firearms you can use during which season. 

The firearms experts at Frontier Justice can make sure you’ve got the right tool for the job. We know how to prepare for hunting season and which firearms will give you the best chance at bagging your prey. 

What ammo do you need?

Having the right firearm is only half of the battle. Even if you’re prepared with a top-of-the-line hunting rifle, if you don’t have the right ammunition you might miss out on your chance to take down that beautiful buck. 

There are a lot of nuances between things like grain weight, powder, and other scientific differences  between even the same caliber of ammunition from different manufacturers. Our experts at Frontier Justice can make sure you’ve got the right kind of ammunition so you’re ready to bag your best buck. 

Are you seeing straight?

Optics are a funny thing. Even for the most experienced hunters, when your firearm isn’t sighted in correctly you don’t stand a chance at hitting your target. Visiting a shooting range gives you the opportunity to take some practice shots, both ensuring you’ve got the right ammunition and your sighting is on target. 

The indoor shooting ranges at Frontier Justice are perfect for making sure your firearm is ready to go into the field. When sighting in your firearm, here are a few things to consider:

  • Don’t free-stand: We don’t free stand while sighting in because you as the shooter are less stabilized, and will fail to effectively sight it in. You are creating a sterile environment with the most ideal conditions to get the most true zero out of your rifle. Incidentally, that’s why we love our indoor ranges for sighting in too. No wind to create less than ideal conditions for zeroing your rifle.  
  • Try not to move too much: Restrict your movement at the range for the same reason you shouldn’t free stand. It’s about ensuring that your rifle is experiencing the most sterile and static conditions possible, so that way when you have the most awkward shot possible while hunting–resting on a tree and shooting through brush, bent backwards because they snuck up behind you–your rifle still shoots true.
  • Shoot in bursts: Getting your scope zeroed can be frustrating (and expensive) when done incorrectly. By shooting in groups of 2-3 rounds rather than immediately making adjustments after a single poor shot ensures that the sight is truly off, rather than it being a fluke.

Other equipment you may need

While your firearm and ammunition are technically the only equipment necessary to complete your hunt, they are far from the only things you’ll need for your hunting trip. Below is some other equipment you may need to stock up on before heading to deer camp. 


There’s nothing better than a bright, crisp fall morning, but those mornings can be downright cold! It’s important to make sure you’ve got the right clothes to stay warm and dry throughout your hunt, no matter what Mother Nature throws at you. 

We carry a wide variety of hunting gear and clothing in our boutique, including all of the quality Carhartt gear you need for hunting season. Quality is important for your hunting clothes, because the better gear you get, the longer it will last, keeping you warm and dry in the elements. 


While your firearm is perfect for taking down your prey, field dressing is impossible without a quality knife at your side. We carry knives of all shapes and sizes that get the job done, including our collection of high-quality Leatherman multi-tool knives that can tackle almost any project. 


Coolers have so many uses during hunting season. From keeping your drinks and food cold to giving you an easily-accessible storage for your meat after dressing your kill, a good cooler is a staple of any avid hunter. 

Frontier Justice carries YETI brand coolers that are ideal for any trip, as well as insulated mugs and other YETI products that come with the quality their brand is known for. 

First Aid

It’s an unfortunate fact that accidents happen, so it’s important to be prepared for any accidents that may happen in the field. With a good first aid kit, you can rest assured that you’re prepared to handle anything that may come your way. 

Tourniquets, survival kits and flashlights are also essentials for any well-stocked hunting Trip.

Hunting Checklist

Before heading out for your first hunt of the season, here’s a quick hunting checklist that makes sure you’re fully prepared.

Let Frontier Justice Guide You on How to Prepare for Hunting Season

Hunting is a time-honored tradition for many American families, and at Frontier Justice we are honored to support this tradition with high-quality firearms, firearm accessories, hunting gear, and firearms training. Our experts can guide you on how to prepare for hunting season and ensure you’re ready for anything Mother Nature can throw at you during your hunt. 

Everything we do is driven by our founding philosophy of Faith, Family, and Freedom. We are passionate about educating our community about the benefits of firearm ownership and promoting an accepting culture where all are welcome to participate in a fun and safe atmosphere. 

Learn more about what makes Frontier Justice different by reaching out to us, signing up for our membership club, scheduling a class, or simply stopping by and checking out our store, boutique, and range for yourself!

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