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Be Prepared For The Season With FJ’s Hunting Checklist

Hunting Checklist

Hunting season is here! But are you prepared for the hunt?

Frontier Justice put together this helpful hunting checklist and guide to ensure everyone is ready before they head out into the field. You can also visit any of our stores and speak with one of our firearm and hunting experts to ensure you’re ready for the season!

Know when seasons start

Each state has different rules around hunting season, so make sure you check with your state’s government regulation entities so you’re hunting at the right times. Below are the different hunting season dates for our home states of Missouri, Kansas, and Nebraska. 

Missouri 2021 Fall Hunting Seasons

  • Deer (Archery) – September 15-November 12; November 24-January 15
  • Deer (Firearms) – November 13-November 23
  • Turkey (Archery) – September 15-November 12; November 24-January 15
  • Turkey (Firearms) – October 1-October 31
  • Bear – October 18-October 27
  • Pheasant – November 1-January 15
  • Quail – November 1-January 15
  • Waterfowl – North Zone: October 30-December 28; Middle Zone: November 6-November 14, November 20-January 9; South Zone: November 25-November 28, December 7-January 31. 
  • Visit the Missouri Department of Conservation website for a full breakdown of Missouri’s hunting seasons. 

Kansas 2021 Fall Hunting Seasons

  • Deer (Archery) – September 13-December 31
  • Deer (Pre-rut Whitetail Antlerless only) – October 9-October 11
  • Deer (Firearms) – December 1-December 12
  • Turkey – October 1-November 10
  • Elk (Archery) – September 13-December 31
  • Elk (Firearms) – December 1-December 12
  • Pheasant – November 13-January 31
  • Quail – November 13-January 31
  • Duck – Low Plains Southeast Zone: November 6-January 2; Low Plains Late Zone: October 30-January 2; Low Plains Early Zone: October 9-December 5, December 18-January 2; High Plains Unit: October 9-January 2. 
  • Visit the Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks website for a full breakdown of Kansas’ hunting seasons. 

Nebraska 2021 Fall Hunting Seasons

  • Deer (Archery) – September 1-December 31
  • Deer (Firearms) – November 13-November 21
  • Antelope (Archery) – August 20-December 31
  • Antelope (Firearms) – October 9-October 24
  • Turkey – September 15-January 31
  • Elk bull (Archery) – September 1-October 31
  • Elk bull (Firearms) – September 1-October 31
  • Pheasant – October 30-January 31
  • Quail – October 30-January 31
  • Duck – Zone 1: October 16-December 28; Zone 2: December 21 in Low Plains, October 9-December 21 and January 5-January 26 in the High Plains; Zone 3: January 4-January 26; Zone 4: January 11. 
  • Visit the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission website for a full breakdown of Kansas’ hunting seasons. 

Get your permits in order

States typically require a permit for each specific game type before hunting season starts, and there are limits to how much you can hunt. For example, in Missouri hunters are limited to one antlered or antlerless deer per permit. Many states also require a hunter education certification before obtaining a permit, so make sure to check the permit requirements in your state. 

Find the right firearms

Your firearm is the most important tool for hunting season. Using firearms to feed and provide for your family is a staple of American life going back to before this country was even founded, and we are proud to support that staple of American culture.

Finding which firearm is right for your hunting trip isn’t as cut-and-dry as you would think, however. While some may have their father’s old hunting rifle to fall back on, many are just getting into the sport. Whether you need to replace your Dad’s old scope, or get set up with a whole new rifle, our expert staff is ready to help you get set for the upcoming season!

Always check your equipment, and make sure you shoot your firearm. Even if you did not mess with it since last season, always make sure it is sighted in just before going out.

Hunting Checklist

Before heading out for your first hunt of the season, here’s a quick hunting checklist that makes sure you’re fully prepared.

Stop by Frontier Justice and Take Care of Your Whole Hunting Checklist

We are proud to support all kinds of firearms activities at Frontier Justice, including hunting! Our staff of firearms experts is extremely knowledgeable about hunting season and can help you check off everything on your hunting checklist. 

Learn more about what makes Frontier Justice different by reaching out to us, signing up for our membership club, scheduling a class, or simply stopping by and checking out our store, boutique, and range for yourself!

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