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1980 Called and Frontier Justice Answered

By Bren Brown

If you were a child of the 80’s you remember the sticker trend—scratch & sniff stinky stickers.  Scratch and sniff.  A generation now in their 40/50’s remember being positively reinforced for all kinds of tasks with stickers.  Sticker charts, sticker gifts, sticker incentives!  We learned math multiplication tables on the lure of a stinky sticker.  We would wear them, cover our lunch boxes with them and plaster notebooks with the golden reward of a scratch and sniff sticker ranging from the weird scent of band-aids to the yummy fake banana smell.  We even had “sticker albums”!  When the Scholastic Book Fair was in the library, children were on fire with the change in their pocket just begging to be traded for stickers.  Glorious stickiness of the good ole’ days.

Fast forward, and we have a generation of young adults now re-embracing the sticker trend.  They cover Yeti cups, computer laptops, cars, skateboards and yes, notebooks. They liken them to gifs and emoji’s and studies find that millennials feel that stickers help them express themselves emotionally.  They identify with what stickers say about them online and translate that to their physical objects through the use of stickers. From their favorite pop culture characters and series, to their personal values, the tech generation finds vinyl stickers to be a lasting, physical way to express themselves quietly everyday.

Frontier Justice loves this! We know that so many believe in our mission and values, and love having a way to share our belief in Faith, Family, & Freedom. Stickers are a great way for us to put our brand into the world and spread Faith, Family and Freedom to the masses.   Our main firearms buyer had been on me about stickers for a year or more when I made our first one….our logo for car windows.  They didn’t sell well because we only had one sticker and it was hard to tell what  it was and how to use it.  I took it as affirmation that stickers were not a thing and let it go for another year.

Clients started asking around 2020’s start, in greater numbers, where are your stickers? I starting making several unique and custom stickers at and opened the flood gates… all bought them and I quickly became obsessed.  We created stickers for the brand, stickers for women, stickers for Patriots, stickers for men, stickers for everyone.  And, they sold.  We have sold hundreds of stickers to date and we keep making more.  The one I like the most is our Pineapple Express sticker because some don’t know what it means (google it) and others secretly buy it up.  I like that it’s almost a subversive movement being recognized through a tiny little sticker and it, quite frankly, would even be better if it was a stinky sticker and smelled like pineapple….but, it’s not the 80’s anymore.

The Pineapple Express Sticker!

Fun fact, we had a loyal client in the Missouri location that went to a special maker and had his entire back window of his Jeep covered with our logo.  Faith, Family and Freedom are riding around town and our tribe is loyal to the brand while wearing our swag, and displaying our stickers EVERYWHERE.  While not everyone wants a sticker that big, we know that with all those we have sold, there are laptops, cars, tumblers, and so much more spreading our message each and everyday.

Where have you put your stickers?

What stickers would you like to see?

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