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The Frontier Justice Guide to your first time at a shooting range

First time at a shooting range

Visiting a shooting range is an excellent way to practice with your firearm. It provides a controlled environment that lets you get to know your tool, and there are many ways to improve your effectiveness with your firearm through range practice.

For people visiting a shooting range for the first time, however, the environment might feel intimidating. At the Frontier Justice Shooting Range, we welcome all levels of shooter, from the most experienced to people who have never held a firearm. 

We love to meet people where they are comfortable, so that’s why we’ve put together this helpful guide for newcomers so they are confident and knowledgeable their first time at a shooting range. 

Range Tip #1: Fill out the waiver

Before practicing at our shooting range, you are required to fill out a waiver that acknowledges you understand the rules of the range. Unlike other waiver forms that you may just sign and not think about, it’s important to go over the intricacies of this waiver, especially for your first time at a shooting range. 

Our shooting range waiver goes a step further, requiring prospective shooters to watch a video about range safety and etiquette. Even if you’ve shot at another range before, we do things a little differently at Frontier Justice, so it’s a good idea to brush up on our requirements and recommendations with this helpful video

Range Tip #2: Learn the specific rules

Every range might be a little different, and their set of rules might not be the same as other shooting ranges. It’s crucial to make sure you look at the range’s specific set of rules before heading out to shoot so you’re not sent home for violating procedures. You want to make the most of your time while at the range. 

We have an extensive set of range rules at our indoor shooting ranges that go beyond the basic safety measures. This ensures the safety of both our shooters and our employees.

Range Tip #3: Come prepared

There’s nothing more annoying than getting to the range, removing your equipment, and discovering you’re missing a crucial item! Having a well-stocked range bag is crucial to getting the most out of your visit to any shooting range. 

Here are just a few items you need to carry in your range bag at all times: 

Carrying spares for your ear, eye, and hand protection ensures that you always have equipment on you, and you have a backup in case something happens to your preferred option. 

Range Tip #4: Ask about rentals

You don’t have to own a firearm to enjoy a shooting range! Quite the opposite, in fact! We find coming to the range and renting a variety of firearms to be one of the best ways to get introduced to the shooting sports, and to help you find the perfect fit for you!

Our firearms rental program is perfect for both new shooters and experts alike. For a flat charge of $15 per caliber plus ammunition, you can try out as many firearms as you like. 

If you’re interested in finding the right .9mm for you, for $15 plus ammunition you can switch between any of our .9mm options in stock and see what you prefer. And, if you find a firearm you like, we give you $15 back on your purchase. Our goal is to meet people where they are comfortable, and that includes finding the right firearm for your individual needs and preferences. 

Firearm fitting

If you’re interested in a little more guidance when trying out firearms, we also offer Firearm Fittings. In these private lessons, one of our firearms experts will guide you through the different firearm options, including different manufacturers and calibers. 

We will also go over some basic firearm fundamentals like grip, shooting stance, trigger control and recoil control. All of this helps us pair you with the perfect firearm for your needs. 

Range Tip #5: Take a class 

On your first visit to a shooting range, one of the best ways to get comfortable is to take a class taught by a firearms professional. This allows you to get a feel for your firearm and the range under the guidance of an expert who can help show you the ropes. 

We offer many classes that help familiarize you with our shooting range, including classes specifically for new shooters. Our simulator is also a great way to get the feel for shooting on the range without actual live fire. 

Range Tip #6: Have fun with your practice

Keep in mind that shooting range time should be a fun activity on top of skill building. If you’re having fun and feel like you’re improving at the same time, that only improves your comfort with your tool. There are many different drills you can use to build your skills and also have a good time shooting through. Here are a couple of drills that are great for both experts and beginners. 

  • Dot torture drills: This is a target system and drill that helps shooters practice multiple pistol skills while using only one target. The target is set up with one dot on the top of the frame, then three rows of three targets cascading downward. Shooters can practice different drills on each of the 10 target dots, do multiple dots at once, or attempt to clear the entire target with one magazine. Drills like dot torture help build specific skills for drawing, aiming, and firing confidently at smaller targets. 
  • Failure to stop drill: This drill is a simple, yet effective way to prepare for personal protection. In the failure drill, a shooter will place two shots in the center mass of the target, then a third shot to the top of the target. Because of its simplicity, this drill can be adjusted greatly on the range. With our programmable target systems, a shooter can practice with moving targets, which provide a limited presentation and require the shooter to fire rapidly and accurately simultaneously. For new shooters, it’s best to start with a static target and get the fundamentals of the drill down before moving on to longer distances or moving targets.

Range Tip #7: Explore range packages

Our range packages take your visit from just any other day on the range to an incredible experience you’ll be talking about for a long time. 

Here are just a few of the different Frontier Justice packages that could be ideal for your first time at a shooting range:

    • New Frontier Package – This package is specifically tailored to firearms newcomers and people making their first visit to a shooting range. In this package built for two shooters, you are given a lane to try out both a .22 caliber handgun and rifle and 100 rounds to shoot at two targets. The .22 is a great training caliber because it has little recoil and doesn’t snap or force down when firing, leaving you with pains that we call “range scars”. We also provide two sets of eye and ear protection, perfect for newcomers to our shooting ranges.  
  • Minuteman Package – This package was put together with home defense in mind. Two shooters are outfitted with a 9mm handgun, a .223 rifle, a box of 9mm rounds and two boxes of .223 ammunition, as well as a pair of targets and eye and ear protection. With this package, you can get a feel for the modern day militia tools, which are the epitome of home defense. 
  • Full Auto Experience Package – Ever wonder what it’s like to fire a fully automatic firearm? With this package, you can experience fully automatic fire for yourself. Two shooters are provided with two fully automatic rifles, 200 rounds of ammunition and four targets. 
  • Bachelor’s (or Bachelorette’s) Big Day Package – Sometimes the best way to celebrate your friend’s impending marriage is with a blaze of bullets! With this package, we provide your group with a variety of pistols, rifles, and fully automated firearms. You’re given 100 rounds of 5.56mm ammunition, 150 rounds of 9mm ammo, and 50 rounds of .45 caliber ammunition to experience the full spectrum of firearm power. This package is specifically designed for six shooters, but more can be added upon request. 

Make your first time at a shooting range memorable at Frontier Justice

Helping people learn about firearms is one of our biggest passions. We are dedicated to teaching everyone in our community about their Second Amendment rights, and coming to us for your first time at a shooting range is a great way to learn about those rights. 

We will meet you where you’re comfortable. If that means renting you new and exotic firearms to try, helping you find the right tool with a firearm fitting, or teaching you the proper ways to use your firearm and experience the range through a class, we’ve got you covered. 

Learn more about what makes Frontier Justice different by reaching out to us, signing up for our membership club, scheduling a class, or simply stopping by and checking out our store, boutique, and range for yourself!

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