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Reliable Protection For All: Our Guide to Less Lethal Self Defense

Less lethal self defense

It’s no secret that we love firearms at Frontier Justice. We also understand not everyone is comfortable carrying a firearm at all times. Just because you might not feel comfortable owning or carrying a firearm, or you’re unable to carry a firearm in certain places, doesn’t mean you don’t deserve personal protection!

Less lethal self defense is also something we’re passionate about. That’s why we carry a wide variety of less lethal self defense tools, and we offer less lethal self defense classes that instruct on the proper use of those tools. We’re committed to meeting you where you’re comfortable, and providing support for less lethal self defense is a big part of that commitment. 

Keep reading to learn more about less lethal self defense and the different tools we carry or feel free to stop by one of our three Frontier Justice locations to see what we have in store. 

Factors to consider with less lethal self defense

A variety of different tools and techniques fall under the umbrella of “less lethal self defense.” Determining what tools or techniques best fit your needs and abilities is important for ensuring your safety because you’re more likely to use or carry a tool you feel comfortable with. 

Less lethal self defense tools


There isn’t a less lethal personal protection tool on the market that we have more faith in than Byrna products. For anyone nervous about owning a firearm or needs personal protection that’s easy to travel with, Byrna is a fantastic alternative to a firearm. 

Byrna makes a variety of products, from pepper ball launchers to backpack shields and personal protection alarms

The pepper ball launchers come in multiple configurations, with options that resemble semi-automatic handguns and others similar to AR-15s. These launchers shoot projectiles filled with an all-natural pepper formula that’s one of the most powerful on the market. This formula causes many detrimental physical responses, like burning in the throat, wheezing, gasping, and gagging. 

On top of the stopping power of the formula, Byrna launchers pack a punch that will stop any attacker in their tracks. Powered by compressed air (CO2), it shoots projectiles that can disable a threat from up to 60 feet away. 

Byrna launchers are not classified as firearms, so there is no required background check or permit needed to own one. There are no restrictions on interstate travel with Byrna products, and you can even fly with them in checked baggage! They are also convenient to carry, with outside the waistband holster options available, so Byrna launchers are an ideal less lethal self defense choice for people who can’t carry a firearm or are nervous about concealed carry. 

Our President, Bren Brown, explains why she loves the Byrna

Pepper Spray

Arguably the most popular less lethal self defense tools, pepper spray is a versatile personal protection option. However, there are many different kinds of pepper spray and mace tools on the market, so finding one you’re comfortable keeping on you is crucial. 

Pepper spray is legal in most states and jurisdictions and allows you to defend yourself at a distance. Depending on the spray pattern, these sprays can be effective up to 8 feet away and are easy to conceal. 

Lots of people get keychain mace sprayers, maybe when they go to college or during a self defense class. Eventually, those tools often wind up at the bottom of the purse or in a junk drawer, so when you actually need them, they’re not accessible. Oftentimes, a small canister that can clip to the pocket is a better option. 

Like a firearm, it’s important to find a tool that you will actually keep on you, so it is available when needed in dangerous situations. An option we often suggest to customers is Sabre Pepper Sprays. These devices boast police-strength pepper spray for maximum security, and they produce a powerful stream that can hit a target up to 10 feet away. And they come in multiple size options, so it’s easier to find one that fits your concealment preferences. 

Personal Protection Alarms

Personal protection alarms are another popular less lethal self defense tool. These tools give off an alarm of 130 decibels that disorients potential attackers. That’s as loud as Arrowhead Stadium after a big play by the Chiefs!

These alarms won’t necessarily put your target out of action for long, but they should draw the attention of others and give you enough time to get to safety and call for help. Keep in mind, though, that your hearing and those around you will also be affected by your alarm.

Knives and batons

Striking tools such as collapsable batons and stabbing devices like knives and tactical pens are good options for up-close self defense. Before carrying one of these devices, make sure you know the concealed carry laws in your state. Many states require a permit to carry any concealed weapon, not just firearms. 

Tactical pens are particularly effective options for concealed carry. They are made to look and function like a normal pen, but feature an aluminum body that is sturdy enough to use in self defense. Just like with a firearm, it’s important to train to use these tools so you’re prepared when you need to use them in potentially dangerous situations. 

An important note about knives: Pocket and fixed blade knives are considered lethal force and can require many strikes to be effective. Before purchasing a knife or any self defense tool, make sure you explore all of your options and pick the right one for your needs. 

Who needs less lethal self defense?

Whether you’re uncomfortable with carrying a firearm, or you work in an industry where you can’t bring a firearm to work, there’s a variety of people who benefit from less lethal self defense. 

Situations where less lethal defense comes in handy include:

  • Service industry workers
  • Medical industry workers
  • Walking to your car in the dark
  • Night shift workers
  • People who work in places firearms aren’t permitted
  • People uncomfortable with concealed carrying a firearm

Keep proper training in mind

Just like owning a firearm, it’s not enough to just possess a less lethal self defense tool. If you’ve never practiced using the tool in simulated situations, you won’t be prepared to use it when necessary. 

Your safety is your personal responsibility. Having the right self defense tool, whether lethal or non lethal, and properly training to defend yourself in any situation helps you take ownership of your safety. 

Situational Decision Making Course

Through the use of our state-of-the-art simulator and real-life examples, this class explores when the use of a firearm may help protect yourself or others in dangerous/high-stress situations. Participants will further their education in the use of deadly force and decision-making on whether to shoot or walk away. No two situations are the same due to many changing circumstances or “what ifs.” We will explore the many “what if’s” as it relates to the use of a firearm.

Safe Without A Firearm Course

This is a three-hour course tailored to teach participants everything they need to know about less lethal self defense. We inform participants about the various options available to them other than a firearm, and give a basic understanding of the combat effectiveness that each self defense tool needs for effective use. These less lethal self defense options include pepper spray, tasers and stun guns, expandable batons, edged tools, illumination devices, tactical pens, and pepper ball launchers. The only requirement to enroll in this course is a desire to learn more about less lethal self defense.

Common self defense myths

Any of the tools we’ve gone over are great options for self defense, but there are plenty of other options that aren’t ideal. You’ll often hear advice about using your keys as less lethal self defense by putting them between your fingers in a fist, but contrary to popular belief, that is not an effective less lethal self defense method. 

Your keys were not created as a self defense tool, and you are more likely to injure your hand attempting to scratch your assailant than you are your attacker. To actually effectively fend off an attacker this way requires you to be within striking distance, and if you dropped your keys while defending yourself, you could give your assailant access to your vehicle and home. 

There’s also the myth that you will always be able to reason with your assailant. While you might be a charming wordsmith, your attacker is likely not in the right mind to listen to reason. You’re better off leveling the playing field with a self defense tool rather than using your words for protection. 

Come to Frontier Justice for all your self defense needs 

No matter what kind of self defense you need, lethal or non lethal, Frontier Justice has everything you need to take ownership of your personal protection. We want to meet everyone where they are comfortable, and that means both firearms enthusiasts and those that are less enthused about firearm ownership. 

If you’re still curious about your less lethal self defense options, visit us at one of our store locations in Lee’s Summit, Mo., Kansas City, Ks., or Omaha, Neb., to talk with our experts. We can guide you through our different tools and help you find the right choice for your personal protection. 

Learn more about what makes Frontier Justice different by reaching out to us, signing up for our membership club, scheduling a class, or simply stopping by and checking out our store, boutique, and range for yourself!

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