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The Frontier Justice Mission – Experiential Retail & Industry Normalization

By Bren Brown

When we founded Frontier Justice, we wanted to reignite Americans desire for personal responsibility and get back to the American roots of Faith, Family and Freedom.   It was a goal to “change the face of the firearms industry”.  It still is, but what we didn’t realize is that we are ‘normalizing’ the shooting sports for a generation that did not grow up around firearms by making experiences for whole families with a major target (no pun intended) on the millennial age group.  The experience—it’s what makes for successful retail today, and we entered that proposition with awareness that we were taking something considered “old school” and “antiquated” and breathing life into it in new ways.  It’s fun.  It’s exciting!  And to be sure we are bringing back an appreciation of the Second Amendment one happy range day at a time for a whole new generation!

This week, Mike Brown, CEO and Co-Founder of Frontier Justice spoke at the Entertainment Experience Evolution in Los Angeles.  The Entertainment Experience Evolution is a conference that is also evolving to a new level. The pandemic has been the biggest driving force in the evolution of retail, forcing the industry to confront technology and outdated business models head-on. What was on the cusp is quickly becoming mainstream. The industry is recovering and re-launching, as consumers are hungrier than ever for new experiences, restaurants, and venues. Our venue caught the eye of these retail guru’s, and we were asked to present on Frontier Justice as a next generation, new experience that people are raving about.

Industry leaders are tuned in to learn from leading experts and are trying to push retail to a new level.  That’s our lane.  We don’t really consider ourselves a “range” but rather a retailer that has a range.  We have expanded quickly to four stores across the Midwest, and we aren’t stopping where we are.  We are poised to reignite a passion for shooting sports, but also reigniting the idea that each of us is responsible for OURSELVES and to that end having a personal protection plan (especially in today’s world) should be top of list.

We have learned and grown.  We recently sold our real estate positions so that we can concentrate on the business and not be in the real estate business.  This changes nothing for members or clients, but it changes things for us as a business.  Our national recognition has grown.  MAG Capital Partners own the Kansas City building now and they are excited to be a part of our tremendous growth!

“Frontier Justice is a fantastic concept, brand and reimagination,” Dax Mitchell, co-founder of MAG Capital Partners, said in a release. “The founders are dedicated and client-focused, and we are thrilled to be a part of their bright future.”

We are in the retail business, and we want to remain this way.  Big chain retailers do not own their real estate but rather lease their spaces for the health of the company.  We continue to travel out across the nation, often at the request of Economic Development Corporations that find us, looking for our next target location to lay down more roots for faith, family, and freedom.  We bring a great time, but we also bring that personal protection strategy for all people.  We are proud that our business supports recreation but also a life skill.  Shooting sports have been put on the back burner for too long, and we hope through our simulator rooms, exciting range packages, date nights and special events, we can reinvent what firearms retail is about and shepherd in a whole new generation!  It’s fun.  It’s easy.  And we plan to take it to many more locations because we believe in America.  We believe in our rights as Americans and we garner an immense joy in seeing all of you enjoy it with a newfound passion!  Keep your eyes peeled for where we land next, but today, we are in Los Angeles where firearms set many people’s brows in a furrow.  We were invited to California at the request of retail professionals who know a great thing when they see it!  Come shoot with us!  Come for the faith and the family, but stay for the freedom—it’s what makes Frontier Justice great, even in the great state of California this week!

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