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e3 ranch

Partners Matter – E3 Ranch and Frontier Justice

By Bren Brown

Recently, Nicole Schneider our Purchasing Manager, and I drove to the lovely Fort Scott, KS to visit E3 Ranch.  Doesn’t much seem like work, does it?  I’d be lying if I didn’t tell you it was one of the most enjoyable days I have had in recent months.

I miss the farm I grew up on.  I miss the people.  I miss the fresh air.  I miss the shared values and memories.

E3 Ranch brought all those things back for a day and made me immensely grateful that they came into my life a few years ago.  Adam LaRoche and team, Jim Dick being my main contact and friend, hosted a grill out a couple of years ago at one of our sale events to raise money for E3 Foundation.  It was terrific and started us on a road of selling their pet line of products.  When we decide to sell something, there is ALWAYS a reason.  The reasons for E3 products are many.

Greeted by an American flag mural on the quiet streets in front of the E3 Ranch store, the air is clean as a rain had just passed by.  It brought memories of riding my bike on gravel roads outside the family farm after a rain.  The air is distinct, and the fields smell fresh.  We entered the shop and were greeted by my very good friend, Jim Dick.  I won’t be surprised if you know him.  He knows a lot of people and you are better for it.  We toured the offices and Jim gave me a hat that I wear proudly.  My second of my E3 collection.  I like a good hat—it’s no secret.

Enter Rancher Jake.  Jake apologized profusely for the state of his truck he was touring us in and I smiled as I got in.  Jake was no fake.  This, indeed, had all the musings of a farm/ranch truck.  I was right at home.

We drove out to the “barn” on E3 Ranch where apparently Adam lived during his MLB baseball days, but today it is used for training and for respite for veterans and military.  We met a group from Sentinel Foundation and talked longer than Jake anticipated as these are “our people”.  I find it particularly refreshing when we connect with folks who are proudly American.  They are many, because as I have said many times before I really believe the majority of Americans still believe firmly in faith, family and freedom.  Unfortunately, many have lost their voice for it as they don’t like conflict from the very loud minority, but when I meet these like-minded people who share their hearts I can quickly get lost in the comradery of such.  It was fun to chat and see all that E3 Ranch has set up to serve those who serve us.  Enter reason number one that we buy their products:  they believe in and support America and the military that protects this great nation.

Back in the truck, Jake really starts to shine as he tells us his history on the ranch his grandfather shepherded into the family.  Also refreshing is seeing a human living in perfect harmony with God’s will for his/her life.  There is something about how they communicate.  The cadence, the passion, the detail, the light that shines from words emanating from someone in step with their path.  Jake was one of these humans.  He spent the next couple of hours telling us about pasture rotation, grasses that are indigenous to Kansas prairie and why they matter, how they grow, what they do for the cattle.  Enter reason two we love E3 products—they do it right with quality in mind.

He regaled us with a story of a ranching innovator named Temple Grandin who is apparently an autistic woman so in tune with the minds and movements of cattle that she has single handedly changed the industry with her innovative and humane practices for cows.  He subscribes heartily to her theories and promises she is truly gifted.  We drove into a pasture and looked at some red angus cattle on the ranch.  They lingered in the trees and hardly cared that we were on approach.  You could tell this herd was well cared for, use to the truck and were interested in us.  My heart melted.  I told Jake of my pet cow, Black Eye.  It was one of my first childhood lessons of the circle of life.  I loved and bottle fed Black Eye and my dad thought I knew that he would one day go to slaughter.  I hadn’t caught on to this so when I arrived home from school one afternoon to Black Eye being gone, I was indignant.  I refused to eat meat for a month.  But such was life on the farm.  I got over it and I still eat steak today.  Those memories are what built me and I have so many fonder memories than those of the hard lessons.  I love cows to this day both in the pasture and on my plate, but what I was struck with at E3 is how much thought, care, attention, and time they put forth to make the happiest herd with the best product for human consumption on the market.  It seems so simple, and when you really dial into the industry, it is WAY more complex than people realize.  It was really overjoying to learn that there are people like Jake and E3 who are adhering to ‘old school’ principles and do things the most natural way–the way God intended it.

We ended our day back in town, and if you haven’t been to Fort Scott, I highly recommend you go for a day.  Fort Scott National Cemetery is awesome, the town is rich with history and if inclined, go buy some meat at E3.  Okay, buy some dog treats too because I know you will need more, and you can find them at Frontier Justice anytime!  We carry their products because they love on our military, they believe in faith family and freedom and because they are the highest quality in their category and that is what we align ourselves with—quality.  We also believe in mission and their work in giving back to sex trafficking victims and our veterans is something we also align ourselves with.  Kingdom work is a big reason for our why and a big reason for E3’s why and we are proud to work with such stellar humans who are proudly American.  America is a great, great country—none of us will ever let that go. When you support the products we so proudly and thoughtfully curate for our stores, you are contributing to the American dream that we can all get behind.

Rancher Jake, I told you in person, and I will tell you again—you are doing your grandfather’s legacy proud.  It was a pleasure to understand more about what makes a great rancher.  Thanks for stirring up my childhood memories.  Thank you E3 Ranch and Foundation for all that you do to keep America great alongside partners such as Frontier Justice.

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