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At Frontier Justice, we are your destination for firearms
and fashion! Our Mission is to serve. We serve our
clients by providing a unique, exceptional, and
memorable experience. This experience could happen
in a class, on the range, perusing the fashion
collections in our cutting edge boutique, or getting
fitted for the right firearm. We do this with a passion
driven by our core values and centered on our
philosophy of Faith, Family, and Freedom.

Faith, Family &

We believe in Faith, Family and Freedom. These core values are
behind our commitment to provide the best selection of fashion
as well as products for the shooting sports industry in an
inviting, unintimidating, and family oriented atmosphere. It’s this
atmosphere that allows safety, education and training to
produce people skilled in firearms, which makes for a safer


We have donated 10% of our business to The Signatry slating dollars for the communities we serve.


Frontier Justice offers a welcoming environment for the entire family. Whether you’re looking for a bonding entertainment experience or to practice firearm safety, join us at Frontier Justice.


Freedom is the firearm and our nod to Law Enforcement and Veterans who use this tool every day to preserve and protect our families.

Our Core Values are:


  • Faith, Family, and Freedom
  • Trusted Professional Service
  • Executing Excellence
  • Willingness
  • Loyal Brand Passion
  • Servants Hear
The mission that drives our team is:


 “To honor God, serve people, and build kingdom resources as an iconic brand by providing exceptional service and an innovative client experience for the whole community.”

One of a kind boutique



Frontier Justice offers a destination boutique filled with cutting edge fashion, gifts, jewelry, pets, toys, giftables, home décor and outdoor lifestyle selections that you won’t find in other boutiques! Our items are hand picked with quality, uniqueness and faith*family*freedom in mind.


Frontier Justice opened in
2015 as the premier fashion &
firearms retailer delivering a
unique faith-based and
family-focused entertainment


Our founders opened the first Frontier Justice in Lee’s Summit, Missouri in 2015. Frontier Justice offers a unique retail experience centered on the shooting sports and the authentic American lifestyle.

Mike and Bren realized the marketplace was missing the type of shooting sports retailer that appealed to women and families. As a result, they felt a calling that this was the next step in their life’s journey.

Hear From Our Founders, Mike & Bren Brown.

Inspired by a

We are the only range in our areas to offer live range simulators & 25 or 50-yard lanes. You can move from one lane to another without additional charges. Plus, our lanes are managed with the cleanest and safest operations with the whole family in mind. Whether you are shooting to learn, improve or for the mere fun of running through a simulation, we have you covered!


They left two successful careers and launched a business that challenged the male-dominated industry.

Needless to say, it wasn’t easy, but the founders have stayed focused to their vision from day one. From a casual conversation about “what if we opened this type of store” to doors opening, just fourteen short months passed.


One of the safest, cleanest and best-managed ranges in the nation.

Frontier Justice is proud to have several locations throughout the Midwest. We have one of the largest selections of unique firearms for sale. Our firearms are displayed in custom pinwheel shaped cases which allow clients the unique opportunity to get up close and personal with their potential purchase.

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America was founded on the principles of faith, family and freedom – taking

personal responsibility. If you are ready to be prepared for your own safety

and that of those you love, and have some fun, what are you waiting for? We

want you in our all American tribe.

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