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Close Quarter Pistol Skills with Chuck Haggard – Omaha, Nebraska

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To expedite your time upon arrival at the range, please fill out our online waiver in advance of your range time at: - this waiver must be updated annually.

We are honored to be hosting Legendary Lawman Chuck Haggard at our Omaha, Nebraska location. Chuck is a highly respected and sought-after national-level instructor who has taught at events such as TacCon, the Active Self Protection Conference, and Revolver Round-Up being held at the historic Gunsite range.

Chuck has been active in private defensive training throughout his long career in urban law enforcement. After nearly thirty years of steady upward progression through the ranks of the Topeka Police Department, he ventured out on his own to pursue private training on a more regular basis. Chuck maintains his POST certification and stays active in the law enforcement community, but he now devotes even more time to training other police officers, military personnel, security forces, and private citizens on the art and science of personal defense.

This class covers much of the material that Chuck has taught over the past couple of decades to both police officers and concealed carry people and has been proven on the street.

Student requirements:

  • A reliable/serviceable handgun. Service-sized pistols 9mm/.40S&W/.45ACP, etc. are preferred, however, smaller concealed carry or backup pistols may be used as a primary or brought to class as an extra pistol, and their use, discuss, and worked on.
  • A quality strong side or appendix carry outside or inside the waistband holster from which the shooter can safely draw and re-holster with one hand. A police or security duty type belt rig would also be acceptable.
  • Soft clip-on or nylon type holsters, or holsters that collapse and disallow re-holstering with one hand, or shoulder holsters, are unsuitable and unsafe for this type of training.
  • Please do not use a Serpa holster unless you are required by agency policy to carry one
  • 200 rounds of ammunition are needed for this class (if you like to shoot, you might want to bring more, but 200 will get you by...)
  • Dummy ammunition in 9mm, .40S&W, and .45ACP can be provided for use in some of the drills we will be conducting. If you are carrying a caliber different than one of these please bring six dummy rounds in the correct caliber with you.
  • Eye and hearing protection are required (active type shooting muffs are highly suggested so that range commands can be clearly heard). 

6 Hour Class


  • Tactics, techniques, and issues with defensive use and deployment of handguns at close and very close ranges
  • Considerations in drawing a handgun at contact and near contact ranges, entangled in-fight weapons access issues, and drawing/firing from non-standard positions
  • Efficient draw stroke. Close quarters shooting techniques. Grip, trigger control, recoil control, Weapon retention, and disarming/deflection. Striking with pistols
  • Working around bystanders or family members in close quarters, and the “down-range” friendlies problem,
  • Handgun retention and disarming, when to draw your handgun and when to go hands-on in a close-quarters attack, effectively using the pistol as an impact weapon in extremis,
  • Wound ballistics, ammunition selection, and “Tactical Anatomy”,
  • Reloads and malfunction clearances with one and two hands.

*This class is non-refundable and cannot be rescheduled.*

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