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Registration Fee: $310 plus a $50 range fee due day of the event

Class Description: Looking for an intensive, improvement-focused class with minimal range equipment requirements? This class is for you! We’ll dive deep into the analysis of your own handgun skills, and teach YOU to identify, diagnose, and correct inefficiencies as you see them. With a heavy emphasis on building strong foundations for skill and accuracy, we’ll also address common myths and misconceptions that may be keeping you from achievable improvement.

  1. Assessment of current skill level
  2. Group shooting and untimed accuracy
  3. Concepts of grip/hand placement on the pistol and applied pressures
  4. Understanding sight management
  5. Diagnosing grip and triggering issues
  6. One-handed shooting concepts
  7.  Dry fire skills and techniques for improvement
  8. Managing mental and emotional pressure
  9. Sight deviation and sight anchoring (what it is and it’s advantage of accuracy at speed)
  10. Shot calling (understanding and mastery)
  11. Multiple targets and transitions
  12. Throttle control and its application

Required Equipment:

  1. 300 rounds of ammunition
  2. Reliable pistol
  3. At least 3 magazines
  4. Holster and mag pouches
  5. Safety equipment (Eye pro/Hearing pro)
  6. Range bag/gear needed for a day at range

About Tim:

Tim is originally from Lee’s Summit and used to be a member at Frontier Justice. He has been a Grand Master competitive shooter since 2014, has won numerous single stack titles, and continues to shoot enthusiastically, always pursuing improvement. Tim has been instructing since 2015, and loves working with people of all skill levels. His finely tuned eye for detail and personal “trial and error” experience gives him the ability to spot inefficiencies and that many people overlook.

His teaching style focuses on an individual’s strengths and weaknesses, and he teaches classes with the sole goal of making sure no student feels left behind, ignored, or treated differently, regardless of their abilities or equipment. Tim fosters an atmosphere of fun and personal development, making a personal investment in the improvement of every shooter.

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