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Rules & Regulations

Membership Rules


Frontier Justice LLC hours of operation are subject to revision or change as occasion may warrant. Changes will be announced to all members.

Current Hours of operation are:
Monday through Friday: 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.
Saturday: 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.
Sunday: 12:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Frontier Justice reserves the right to close prior to the stated hours of operation when the facility is not being utilized
by its members, due to inclement weather, private party bookings or any other reason management feels is in the best
interest of the business. Frontier Justice reserves the right to reject or refuse anyone access to all facilities. Frontier Justice will be closed on Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter. Frontier Justice will have shortened hours on
select holidays or day preceding the holiday.


General Rules

The following rules have been compiled for member convenience and for the greater enjoyment of the facility by all

1. Guests – Members are expected to restrict the number of guests and the frequency of visits by guests to a
reasonable number. Members should not bring more guests to shoot than they can personally supervise (maximum
of 2 per member). Members or partners of members must accompany, and are personally responsible for, their
guests. Members are personally responsible for any and all damages done to the Frontier Justice LLC facility by
themselves or any guest. Members are expected to acquaint their guests with all rules, including safety rules, and are
responsible for all charges incurred by their guests. No guest will be allowed to use the facilities if, in the judgment
of Frontier Justice, such use is disruptive, disturbing to other members or not in the best interest of Frontier Justice.
Members are responsible for any range fees incurred by guests if they are not using guest passes.

2. Lockers – All lockers are owned by Frontier Justice.

3. Food & Beverages – Frontier Justice provides food & beverages for members and their guests in the lounge.
Beer or liquor is strictly prohibited on Frontier Justice premises.

4. Charges Incurred – All members are responsible for the payment of charges incurred in the use of the facility outside
of their membership level.

5. Pets – Pets are not allowed on Frontier Justice premises.

6. Display of firearms – Members shall refrain from displaying, exhibiting or laying firearms on the tables in the lounge.
The displaying and exhibiting of firearms shall be limited to the locker room or range. All firearms must be either
holstered, cased or concealed in any and all other areas in the facility. No loading or unloading of firearms in the
lounge or the locker room. Firearms must be unloaded when stored in lockers.

7. Corporate & Private Parties – Any event, group outing, etc., which has 5 or more participants (members or guests) is
considered to be a corporate or private event. Member requests for private parties should be submitted to Frontier
Justice management and require prior written approval. Catering is available upon request at members expense. A
cleanup fee may be assessed. The sponsor of the event must conduct its event in strict accordance with Frontier
Justice policies and safety rules.

8. Children – Frontier Justice encourages a family atmosphere and children are welcome. Members bringing minor
children to the facility are responsible for both the conduct and the safety of their children. Members must
accompany, control, oversee and directly supervise their children or their guest’s children at all times. All children
must have the release of liability form signed by a parent or legal guardian. Children under the age of 8, or less than
48” are NOT allowed on the range.

9. Compliance with laws & regulations – Members and their guests must comply with all applicable federal, state & local
laws, ordinances and Frontier Justice rules.

10. Member Conduct – Violation of any applicable federal, state & local laws, ordinance or Frontier Justice rules or any
behavior contrary to the best interests of Frontier Justice, its overall membership or its employees will result in
disciplinary action by Frontier Justice up to and including loss of membership and facility usage rights. All members
are personally and financially liable for any damages done to the grounds, buildings and all facilities.

Firearms Safety

1. Actions on all firearms must be open when the firearms are being carried or handled.

2. Muzzles of firearms must be pointed in a safe direction at all times.

3. There shall be no pointing of firearms in the lounge or locker room.

4. Firearms shall remain open and must not be loaded until ready for use inside the range.

5. When handling a firearm, shooter must keep their finger off of the trigger until ready to shoot.

6. All shooters, referees, range personnel, and spectators shall wear safety glasses and hearing protection while in
the shooting ranges.

7. Only approved targets may be shot on Frontier Justice property.

8. No one under 18 years of age may shoot in the range unless accompanied by a parent or other adult. Minor children
must be closely supervised while visiting the shooting range.

9. Absolutely no beer or other alcoholic beverages are allowed; nor the use of firearms under the influence of any type
of alcohol or drugs, legal or otherwise. No intoxicating substances are allowed anywhere on the premises, including
the parking lot.

10. All firearms must be cased or holstered while not on the range, at line or fire.


Range Rules

The following rules are specific to the range and are in addition to other Frontier Justice policies and basic safety rules.

There will be absolutely no tolerance for not following these rules or of any abuse to the facility. All members and guests
must view the range safety video and sign the appropriate waiver. Noncompliance with any of the following rules will
result in the loss of range privileges.

1. All members and guests must check in and out at the range station before and after shooting. All shooters are
required to read and sign a Waiver and Release of Liability before shooting privileges are granted.

2. No food, drink, gum or tobacco is permitted inside the range.

3. Never use alcohol or drugs before or while shooting.

4. Participants must be 21 years of age to fire a handfirearm and 18 years of age to shoot a long firearm unless accompanied by
a parent or legal guardian.

5. Eye and ear protection must be put on before entering the range and worn at all times.

6. All commands given by the Range Safety Officer (RSO) must be followed.

7. All firearms must be holstered or cased while going to or from the range. Never handle uncased or unholstered
firearms behind the firing line.

8. All firearms must be uncased within assigned lane.

9. Members are fully responsible for the action of their guest(s). You must oversee the activities of your guest(s)
at all times. You must be at the shooting position with your guest(s) or at the adjacent position.

10. A member and his/her guest(s) may occupy no more than their assigned lane(s) at any time. Only 1 shooter is allowed at a time.

11. Unauthorized targets are not permitted on the range. Shooting at anything other than your target is
strictly prohibited.

12. All firearms used on the range must be in safe operating condition.

13. Drawing from a holster is not permitted.

14. Always keep firearms pointed down range and in a safe direction. NEVER turn around in the booth while holding a
firearm. NEVER point the muzzle of your firearm toward yourself, another person, the ceiling, range or shooting booth
walls. NEVER for any reason leave your booth with an uncased or unholstered firearm.

15. Keep your finger off the trigger until ready to shoot.

16. Never cross the firing line for ANY reason. Do not attempt to retrieve anything that falls in front of the firing line.
If you lose a piece of equipment, ask the RSO for assistance.

17. If you observe any unsafe behavior or condition by anyone, report it to the RSO immediately.

18. Always keep the action open and firearm unloaded until ready to fire. Consider every firearm as “loaded”
and treat it as such.

19. Upon the command “CEASE FIRE,” stop all shooting immediately, put down your firearm and back away from the
firing line. Do not re-approach the firing line or pick up your firearm until the “ALL CLEAR” signal is given by the RSO.

20. For any firearm or ammunition problem (squib load or hang fire), keep the firearm pointed down range for30 seconds, place the firearm on the table with muzzle pointed down range, remain in your booth and signal the RSO
for assistance by raising hand.

21. All magnum rifle calibers are limited to the rifle bays only. No pistol calibers may be shot in the 50-yard bay.
No BIRDSHOT or BUCKSHOT for shotfirearms, only slugs may be used. Absolutely no ammunition (factory or hand
loaded) may reach or exceed 4,000 fps (ex. NO .22-250 caliber).

22. Use only the correct ammunition for your firearm. No STEEL CORE, STEEL SHOT, TRACER or ARMOR PIERCING

23. There is no firing of firearms from the hip. Shotfirearms must have a shoulder stock. Shotfirearms with pistol grips
only are not allowed.

24. Shooters may collect their brass only, behind the firing line, after unloading and casing their firearm in
preparation to leave the range.

25. Any 2 shots fired that strike any surface besides your paper target (ceiling, floor, target carrier, track, etc.)
in any combination, will result in the RSO asking you to leave for the day.

26. Only ammunition purchased at Frontier Justice will be allowed for rental firearms.

27. Wash your hands each time you leave the range and before smoking, eating or drinking.

28. Frontier Justice is not responsible for damage to or loss of personal equipment used at the range.

Dress Code

To ensure safety and a satisfactory experience for our members and guests, the following dress code will be enforced:

1. No flip flops, sandals, or open footwear of any kind will be allowed on the range.

2. No tank tops or low-cut tops allowed

3. Extremes in apparel or jewelry, which are deemed distractive, disruptive, disrespectful or unsafe will not be permitted.

4. Clothing or jewelry displaying drug references, obscenities, lewd or illegal behavior, sexual overtones etc. or
any reference that is disruptive to others will not be permitted.

5. Undergarments worn as outer garments are not permitted, including muscle shirts. Hats, caps, bandanas or any other
head covering will be removed in the facility, except baseball caps facing forward.

7. Torn or ragged clothing will not be permitted.

8. Pants, slacks and trousers must be sufficiently pulled up to appropriate levels and cover under garments.

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