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Fj Classroom

Meet Our Instructors

We are blessed to have some of the best firearms instructors in the Midwest.

Tammy Bartels – Director of Training

Tammy is the Director of Training, overseeing the training program for all locations companywide. She has been with Frontier Justice since 2019 and has a BA in Public Relations and Marketing with a Specialization in Project Management. Tammy has an extensive background in advocacy and public relations and has received training from organizations such as The Pew Charitable Trust and The National Parent Teacher Association.

Tammy is a USCCA certified instructor and an NRA Certified Pistol Instructor, CCW Instructor, and Range Safety Officer. She is a Missouri POST handgun instructor and certified Byrna Launcher Instructor. Tammy has also received her OC Spray Instructor certification from Agile Training and Consulting.

She has attended training with several national-level instructors including ECQC from Craig Douglas of ShivWorks, Handgun Accuracy from Tatianna Whitlock, and training Habits of Highly Successful Pistol Fighters with Darryl Bolke. She has attended the Active Self Protection Conference and TacCon 2022. Tammy has also taken several classes from Legendary Lawman Chuck Haggard of Agile Training and Consulting, including OC Spray/Less Than Lethal Tools for the Non-LE Instructor, Managing Unknown Contacts, Close Quarters Handgun Deployment, Small Pistols, and Low Light Handgun. She has also recently begun Assistant Instructing for Chuck Haggard to help further develop her skills.

As Director of Training Tammy oversees curriculum development and department public relations as well as teaching several classes. The training department’s goal is to make safe and effective personal protection training available to all interested people regardless of age, ability, or experience level.


Lee’s Summit, Missouri Instructors

Josiah Lowther – Lead Instructor

Josiah is the Lead Instructor for Lee’s Summit. He is a United States Marine Corps veteran with formal instructing experience in tactical infantry operations and combat marksmanship training, as well as military police experience with Taser and OC certification.

Josiah is a Certified USCCA Instructor, NRA pistol instructor, and Range Safety Officer and is one of our simulator instructors. He is also a Missouri POST handgun instructor. Josiah is dedicated to our core values of Faith, Family, and Freedom and to providing the best possible experience to our clients.


Chuck Farley

Chuck has been with Frontier Justice since the first location opened. He is a USCCA certified instructor as well as NRA certified to instruct Pistol, Personal Protection in the Home, and Metallic Cartridge and Shotgun Shell Reloading. He is an NRA-certified Range Safety Officer and certified in Kansas and Missouri to Instruct Conceal Carry classes.

Chuck has extensive experience in firearm sales and compliance, including working as a Compliance Manager. He is the go-to instructor for optics sightings and information on selecting the best hunting firearm for the type of game being hunted.

Chucked served in the US Air Force for four years and holds a BS in Agriculture

Robert “Bob” Knudson

Bob was born and raised in NW Missouri and is married with 7 kids and 7 grandchildren

He is a Veteran of both the US Navy and Air Force. He has been in Law Enforcement for 30 plus years.

Bob is a USCCA Certified Instructor as well as an NRA Certified Firearms Instructor and Range Safety Officer. He is also a Missouri Conceal Carry Instructor and Missouri POST handgun Instructor. Bob is also a motorcycle instructor, driving instructor, and police instructor.

Joe Ham

Joe is a Police Sergeant with a Kansas City Metro area Police agency where he has served since 2005. His duties include lead firearms instructor well as MILO simulator trainer. His career in Law Enforcement started in 1993 and he’s held various positions during his career, such as Community Policing Officer, DARE Officer, firearms instructor, and Chief of Police. 

Joe is a USCCA certified instructor as well as being NRA certified as a handgun and shotgun instructor, as well as Patrol Rifle Instructor and Range Safety Officer. He is a Missouri POST-recognized instructor and can provide continuing education training for Police Officers in select courses. Joe is also a MILO Certified instructor.

He enjoys teaching and feels that firearms safety should be taught from a young age to develop a healthy respect for firearms and what they can do.

Rod Schaefer

Rod is a training instructor and law enforcement officer with 25+years of professional experience. He provides strategic consultation, physical protection and training to corporate, healthcare, governmental, academic, and personal entities around the country. Rod currently holding the rank of Captain at a metro police agency in the Kansas City area and has extensive experience in planning, response, and recovery of a multitude of critical incidents.

Rod has served in various units and roles throughout his career, such as Police Officer, Bike Unit Officer / Trainer, Undercover Narcotics Officer, Drug Unit Investigator, SWAT Team Operator, Police Sergeant, SWAT Team Leader / Commander, and Incident Commander.  In addition to serving as a full-time police officer and Lead Trainer at a Kansas City Metropolitan Police Department, he also serves as a trainer for the Heartland Tactical Officers Association and the National Tactical Officers Association.

Scott Mosher

Scott has been with Frontier Justice since 2016, serving as Lead instructor until 2020 when he stepped back to take an elected position with a local city council. Scott also works part-time at an area police department. He is a Missouri Certified POST Instructor for Pistol, Rifle, Shotgun, and for Law enforcement POST continuous education.

He is a USCCA certified instructor as well as an NRA Certified Pistol/ Rifle Instructor, Chief Range Safety Officer and RSO instructor.

Kansas City, Kansas Instructors

Dana Gayer – Lead Instructor

Dana is the Lead Instructor at our Kansas location and comes to us from sunny South Florida. 

She was raised around Firearms but decided in 2015 to take personal responsibility for her safety after two very trying incidents in her adult life. She realized that the only way she knew to protect herself was to call 9-1-1 and that was putting her safety and security in someone else’s hands. She took action by purchasing her first firearm, joined a gun club, joined a women’s group, signing up for private lessons, and bought the necessary accessories to train effectively. And she has never stopped training.

She has trained with her local range Instructors while living in Arizona. After moving to Florida, she was able to expand her training to include Defensive Pistol training with a focus on personal protection with Tactical Firearms Academy (Florida) and The Warrior Poet Society (Georgia).

She holds certifications and membership with both U.S. Conceal Carry Association (USCCA) and the National Rifle Association (NRA). She is also a member of Armed Women of America (fka The Well Armed Women) and has assisted her chapter leaders in Florida with equipping women who had the desire to sharpen their fundamental skillsets, outside of the monthly meetings. 

Dana’s focus and passion is to see her students equipped with the skillsets necessary to be safe in any circumstance life gives them. Coming from an education and childcare background, she has also worked with families; teaching each person in the home how to stay safe without a firearm and also how to safely handle and skillfully shoot firearms.

Dana is certified in multiple disciples and agencies including: 

  • USCCA Concealed Carry & Home Defense Fundamentals Instructor
  • NRA Basic Pistol Instructor
  • NRA Refuse To Be A Victim Instructor
  • NRA Chief Range Safety Officer
  • Stop the Bleed Instructor
  • Emergency First Response Instructor

Steve Gaul

Steve has been shooting since 1964 when he received his first .22 rifle. He learned to shoot correctly in 1967 when joining the U. S. Marine Corps where he applied his shooting skills during two tours in Vietnam with a variety of weapons. Ten years after the Marine Corps, Steve joined the U. S. Navy to learn electronics and get his college education. He finished his military time in the Army Reserve.

Steve is a USCCA certified instructor as well as an NRA certified Chief Range Safety Officer, Pistol and Rifle Instructor, Personal Protection in the Home Instructor, and Concealed Carry Instructor for Kansas and Missouri. He is also a Certified Glock Armorer.

He has taken Advanced Concealed Carry classes from KatCal Training, completed Glock Operator Training, completed John Farnham’s Defensive Training Institute Defensive Handgun, attended Low Light Handgun and Managing Unknow Contacts with Chuck Haggard of Agile Training and Consulting and completed Massad Ayoob’s MAG-40.

Darren Weaver

Darren’s dad introduced him to shooting when gave him a Red Ryder BB Gun. From that moment on, he was hooked.

He is a USCCA certified instructor teaching Basic pistol and Home Defense and Concealed Carry, as well as an NRA range safety officer. He has experience in firearm sales and customizing firearms. Darren is a Glock Armorer, AR-15 LEO armor, and Cerakote.

Darren is a US Navy veteran serving as a cryptologist and spent time as a reserve Deputy with the Wyandotte County Sherriff Department. He has participated in several different shooting sports such as three gun and Cowboy Action (SASSY). He is also experienced in long-distance shooting and skeet shooting.

James Scott 

Jim is the Lead Instructor for Frontier Justice in Kansas City. He is a Kansas Certified Hunter’s Education Instructor and was named Hunter Education Instructor of the year in 2015. He is a USCCA certified instructor as well as being certified through the NRA to instruct Pistol and Protection in the Home and is a certified Range Safety Officer. He is a Kansas Certified Concealed Carry Instructor and previously served as Lead Instructor for Target Master Academy.

Jim serves on the Board of Directors for Tri-County Rod and Gun Club and is Match Director as well. He has attended Tactical Training Class with Ken Hackathorn, Tactical Training with John Farnhan, Low Light and Managing Unknown Contacts with Chuck Haggard of Agile Training and Consulting, and Tactical Training at Gunsite Academy.


Patricia Harrold – Lead Instructor

Patricia is Frontier Justice Omaha’s Lead Instructor and is a Training Counselor and Firearms Instructor with credentials from the NRA and USCCA.  She conducts training in Pistol, Rifle, and Shotgun disciplines, Concealed Handgun, Situational Decision Making and more! 

Patricia is the State Leader of The Well Armed Woman Shooting Chapters and Regional Trainer for one of the nation’s largest non-profits dedicated to shooting sports. She is Certified Professional in Talent Development and outside of Frontier Justice, she is a Defense Contractor facilitating aircrew training at Offutt AFB.

Her passion is working with students who are new to shooting and want a safe, relaxed, and personalized training approach and working with students who want to advance their marksmanship and defensive skills to protect themselves and their families.

Deb Quade

Deb is an NRA certified Range Safety Officer and USCCA certified instructor, conducting training in Basic Pistol, Personal Protection Inside and Outside the Home, and Defense Fundamentals for Women, as well as private instruction.  Deb is a Concealed Handgun Permit Instructor with the State of Nebraska.

Deb has a passion for teaching and after spending thirty-five years in the electrical utility industry sharing her experience and knowledge, realized she could turn her hobby of shooting into a new teaching journey.  Deb loves to help people new to shooting develop their skills and become more confident in protecting themselves and others.

Deb is also a co-leader of the Linoma Chapter of the Well Armed Woman where she enjoys connecting with the chapter’s newest members and serves as an instructor and range safety officer alongside other confident, capable women.

Emily Kuebler

Emily is a Firearm Instructor and Range Safety Officer with credentials from the NRA.  She conducts training in Basic Pistol, Marksmanship, Concealed Handgun Permit, and Situational Awareness and Decision Making. 

She is the Director of Frontier Justice Omaha’s Competitive Shooting League and is a 2x previous winner. Emily enjoys shooting sports and is an avid enthusiast of all things related to firearms and training. She enjoys reloading as well. Emily was recognized as a Silver Medalist in the “Nebraska Olympics” Cornhusker Games for Women’s pistol. Outside of Frontier Justice, Emily is an IT Professional.

Michelle Zahn

Michelle is a Firearm Instructor and Range Safety Officer with credentials from the NRA and USCCA. She conducts training in Basic Pistol, Rifle, and Shotgun Fundamentals, Defensive Shooting, and Personal Protection Inside and Outside the Home. She is also a Concealed Handgun Permit Instructor.

Outside of Frontier Justice, Michelle co-leads the local Omaha Chapter of The Well Armed Woman, providing over 100 women an opportunity to grow and develop in their firearms knowledge and confidence.

Michelle has been in the training and education profession for over 30 years and specializes in personalized training.

John Kuebler

John is a seasoned shooter of over 30yrs. He served 10 years in the active Marine Corps having deployed to Iraq where he trained Iraqi Police and Military during combat ops. He trained with MARSOC for 3 years, where he certified in T.C.C.C live tissue, S.E.R.E Full C, and was the top shooter of his class while also receiving specialized training in CQB, Demo, Recon and Surveillance and other specialized skills. John ended his military carrier as a Line StaffNCO and SME on one of the ranges of the largest range installations on the East coast. While there, he received a Navy Achievement Medal 3rd for instructing, training, and supervising over 2.3 million rounds without incident. John aided in the development of the Marksmanship instructor evaluation program. He was interviewed and quoted by the Marine Times on Marksmanship Fundamentals and received a recruitment offer by the Marine Corps Shooting Rifle and 3-Gun teams.

After the military, John furthered his knowledge personally and professionally while volunteering as one of the leaders of the armed security team for the largest CMA Mega Church in Nebraska. He went on to gain a background in law enforcement as a police officer. John is a Silver Medalist in the Nebraska Olympics Governors Ten Competition, the last 2 years winner of the Frontier Justice Omaha Veterans shoot and multiple winner of the FJ shooting league.

John is currently working on a degree in Firearms Technology and Gunsmithing, is a certified USCCA Instructor, NE CHP Instructor, High Threat CQC Instructor, Behavior Based CQB Instructor, Marine Combat Marksmanship Trainer, Sig P320 Armorer, Black Belt in MCMAP, Taser, OC Spray, and Baton certified.


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