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The Midwest's Best Shooting Simulator

$75.00for two guests

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Real world experience -
None of the risk

The simulator is a powerful training tool that can also be used for some unforgettable fun! Whether you are a novice or an experienced law enforcement officer, the simulator helps hone your accuracy and decision-making skills. A real firearm is fitted with a laser light, that when “fired” throws the light in the exact trajectory of a bullet leaving the firearm.

Learning Objectives

  • Fun group challenges
  • Improve your accuracy
  • Safe & smart decision making
  • How to assess a threat
  • How to access your firearm
  • When and when not to shoot


  • Cartoon scenarios for speed and accuracy
  • Training lessons on speed of accessing your firearm
  • Real life scenarios for brain practice in life or death situations
  • Real life scenarios for fun like shooting zombies in a warehouse

Live Range

“If the mind has been there before, you are more likely to make the best decision”

The Shooting Simulator is a great way to teach young people in a no-risk environment. There is never any live ammunition in the room, and it’s a great way to teach firearm safety to children before they go out on the range.



Run through live action interactive games. zombies,
space orbs, battleships, and do carnival games with
live ammunition. The targets respond to each shot
with full sound effects via electronic earmuffs
to add to the excitement.

  • Families

    Whole families come in for friendly fun and competition, bonding time, or for practice on what to do in defensive situations. Either way, fun is had and skills are built. There is no age limit on children in the simulator as there is never live ammunition in the room.

  • Children

    It can be a valuable thing to practice firearms safety in a room having fun, before you ever go out on the range and practice with live ammunition. Our shooting simulator has been used by many parents to do just that! Kids who are not quite old enough to go on the range, get to practice shooting skills and, more importantly, safety skills before any risk is involved.

  • Adults

    Adults can have all the fun that children have on the shooting simulator, but it can also serve as a very advanced training tool. Our simulator has been utilized by law enforcement officers. Anyone wanting to hone their skills, train their brain or have fun doing both are candidates for some time in our shooting simulator.

Advance Your Skills

Private Instruction

When you sign up for the simulator, either booked in advance or as a walk-in, you will be given a private instructor that will meet with you briefly to assess what your goals with the session are. Whether you are there for training or for fun, they will tailor your time to accomplish the goal.

Instant Replays

Your simulations are filmed and your instructor can play back your simulation to give you a wealth of feedback on your stance, your grip, your posture, your shot placement and timing as well as safety considerations both observed or missed.

Train Your Brain

Hundreds of real life scenarios will give your brain practice of what to do, and what not to do in possible situations. Sometimes what seems like a good shot, is not and your brain gets to practice any defensive scenarios that you might encounter in real life–where you only have mere seconds to decide what to do.

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