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5 non-firearm essentials for personal protection

I know I’m not the only person who has felt scared or threatened while walking alone at some point in their life (read my past blog post on my “blink moment”). And while I don’t believe we should go about life feeling scared, the fact of the matter is that violent crime happens all around us every day.

Don’t wait to be a victim. Rather, know what you would do and always be ready. I’m not sure why some of us seem to be innately wired for personal responsibility and preparedness (some to an extreme like you see on Doomsday Preppers), and why some of us can calmly live life believing danger won’t touch us. But what I do know is that I feel better every single time a client leaves our stores more prepared for what I hope and pray never befalls them.

Four months ago, Frontier Justice began carrying a line of products called Everyday Carry (called “EDC” for short), inspired by the infamous Instagram trend of the “pocket dump.” What’s in your pocket that could make the difference in a dangerous situation?

Below are a few things I recommend and that, consequently, could be a fabulous and useful Christmas gift for a loved one. Keep in mind that having these items isn’t the whole battle, but knowing how and when to use them – or even mentally considering some scenarios of use – can be life or death. These items are often carried with a firearm, but are completely independent of firearm use or consideration. There are some people who cannot or will not carry a firearm, and for those folks, these items could make a life difference.

Pepper Spray

One of the most common tools used by women and men alike, pepper spray is a chemical inflammatory agent that irritates the nasal passages and eyes of an assailant causing difficulty breathing, burning pain and temporary blindness. Pepper spray is a great and portable option that comes in a variety of styles from keychains to gun-shaped devices with a directable stream. It’s a simple option that can be used against an attacker – or even on an aggressive dog.


A taser is a device that delivers a high-voltage electric shock. You can shoot it from a distance of up to 15 feet or more. Remember the Tueller Rule: An attacker can close 21 feet of distance before you could pull a firearm or taser.

The taser, which shoots out electrodes that stay attached to the main handheld unit, can penetrate clothing and skin. Once in contact with the attacker, it delivers an electric shock to the muscular system to immobilize the individual. There aren’t many concealable options for tasers, but having an attacker see a gun-shaped object might be a deterrent in and of itself.

Tactical Flashlight

No ordinary flashlight, tactical flashlights have brighter and stronger lumens and come with a jagged bezel around the lens and heel. The flashlight temporarily blinds an attacker while helping you see the threat clearly and get away. The spiked bezel can be used as a weapon in the event that your escape is not timely enough.

Tactical Pens

A personal favorite, no one (and I do mean NO one) should be without this item. I have two and carry them regularly. A tactical pen is an actual writing pen, but is weighted and shaped to be a defense tool.

You know how women are told to put keys between their fingers to rake an attacker’s face? Well, if an attacker is full of adrenaline and ready to attack, keys in the hands of a frightened victim are seldom effective. But a tactical pen, on the other hand, can pierce the eye, neck or lung of an attacker and stop them cold.

The beauty of the pen is that everyone needs a pen, and carrying a pen is not alarming to anyone. But if kept in your hand as you walk through a dark parking lot, it is much faster than drawing a firearm if an aggressor is on you before you can react. The real bonus is that you can fly with an ink pen and always have a defense tool with you.


Much the same as the tactical pen, knives are a great option for close proximity attacks that involve quick timing. I carry a boot knife that could easily be drawn in a scuffle, and would make the strength difference between me and a male attacker a moot point. If you use a knife properly, you can create enough pain that your ability to get away increases significantly.

Everyday Carry

I encourage you to make EDC a part of your life (and someone you love’s life) this holiday season. We all receive wonderful gifts this time of year, but how great of a gift is saving someone’s life?! Finally, here are a few tips:

Be aware. Situational awareness is key to your safety and survival. Always pay attention to your surroundings. Never be distracted by your cell phone in any public space. This is key to preventing an attack and being targeted. Eye contact is important with anyone around you.
Know yourself and the tools you carry. Simulations help our clients understand their capabilities in an emergency. It is also useful for learning how quickly they can access their firearm. The same goes for the tools you carry; know what you have and how you will use it before a crisis.
Access is key. Any tool – whether it’s a firearm, knife or pepper spray – is only useful if you get to it in time. It is important to carry your tools with access in mind. Frontier Justice carries a Can Can holster for firearms that is equally as useful to carry knives, pepper spray, flashlights, tasers or pens. We recommend you think through the quickest access point for your chosen tools of personal defense.
As always, it is our hope that you never, ever need the self-defense tools you buy at Frontier Justice. But it makes us proud that you are thinking through your personal responsibility for preparedness and that you are taking seriously the threats in today’s world. We pray for peace in this world this holiday season.

Merry Christmas,

Bren Brown

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