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No Judgement Zone

By:  Bren Brown

We have a file here.  Well, I should say I have a file here.  It’s the “you can’t make this stuff up” file.  Mostly it’s a mental file, but I do have records of a few incidents….someday I should share.  Today, I give you a small example.

About two weeks ago, in our nightly email wrap-up report from the day, the manager told us that a stroller had been left by a client.   In a panic, staff searched the building for any abandoned children.  Funny, not funny.  Thank the Lord, no child was in the building but this little stroller remains in our storage area.  It is in the way.  I can’t find the strength within to just take it to the dumpster, but I haven’t had any claims on it.  I imagine a discussion somewhere out there, and I’m talking to one of you right now, where one spouse says to the other, “What do you mean you lost the stroller?”

Seriously, no judgement.  I had twins.  I had days.  I built the bathrooms at our stores to be EXTRA nice because I used to plan whole days around where I could find good, clean restrooms.  You try potty training boy/girl twins!  I was tired.  I forgot things.  Once we lost a coveted blankie at a home show.  Parents who have lost a blankie know there WAS payment for that.

Some kid was carried out of Frontier Justice that was presumably wheeled in….and, I get it.  You got busy.  You were tired.  You forgot.  Quite frankly, you got to the car and thought, ‘I cannot muster the strength to go back in there right now and get that thing’.  Because you knew then you would have to break it down and load it too.  Dinner was late.  You were weary.  No judgement.

But, hey, I do need you to come get it.  Because, seriously, I have to take it to the dumpster soon.  It is in our way and my puppy won’t sit in it properly for a walk.  Faith, Family, Freedom—how grand it is that we are a firearms store that regularly has strollers roll through the doors in all locations!  #murica

Lost Stroller

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