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Concealed Carry Class

Must Have EDC Gear

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In the gun community, everyone has things that they carry with them every day.  Each person has different preferences in what they like to carry. It is important that your Every Day Carry gear is good quality and functional.

I am Mike Brown, the owner of Frontier Justice, a company built on Faith, Family, and Freedom. My Every day Carry gear is very important to me. If put in the wrong situation, I will be relying on my gear to save my life, so I only carry quality, functional products. In this article, I am going to show you what I carry and tell you why I carry it.



Let’s start with the most important tool a human can carry… my gun. I choose to carry a Glock 19 for its proven reliability. It is a great concealed carry handgun. It is compact enough to be concealed with relative ease, yet it is large enough to hold 15+1 9mm bullets. I trust this gun to fire every single time I pull the trigger no matter how dirty or old it is. It is a great shooting gun and I would recommend it to anyone. This is an Everyday Carry must-have item.



Some people prefer to use iron sights on their concealed carry firearms, and that is fine. I prefer to carry mine with a Trijicon RMR red dot. I find it faster and easier to get my Glock 19 on target, and every fraction of a second matters in a self-defense situation. It provides a nice, clear window to see my target and a prominent, crisp red dot. I prefer this optic because of its quality and reliability. Just like with my Glock, my optic has to be reliable because my life depends on it.


People ask, “Do I have to carry self-defense/hollow point ammo when I conceal carry?” The answer is an astounding YES! The way that self-defense ammo works is once it enters the body, it expands to about twice its size and lodges itself inside the attacker. This allows the ammo to do much more damage and increase the stopping power of the bullet. When someone is threatening your life you want as much stopping power as you can. That is why I use Hornady Critical Defense Ammo. It is reliable and provides great expansion upon impact increasing the stopping power. Just like with the Glock and the RMR, I demand reliability our of my Everyday Carry Gear because my life depends on it.


I appendix carry my Glock because it is the easiest way to conceal and provides the fastest access to my firearm if I need to draw it. You want a holster that is comfortable, has good retention and covers the trigger fully. For those of you who do not know, retention is the ability of the holster to “retain” your gun. You want your gun to fit snug in the holster but not so snug it is difficult to draw. I choose the Raven Concealment Vanguard Holster for my EDC holster. This holster is very low profile and a great holster for everyday carry. It covers the trigger completely and has good retention. The holster has a solid clip to attach to your belt and it is smooth to draw from. I need a holster that I can depend on so I choose Raven Concealment.


Mag Holder

You never know what situation you are going to run into so I always carry an extra magazine with me. I use the NeoMag Magnetic Magazine Holder. It is very low profile and is super easy to carry. It is easy to draw the magazine from and the clip allows it to remain where you want. NeoMags are a great way to carry an extra mag with your Everyday Carry Gear.




For work, I have to carry all sorts of stuff with me every single day. It is very important to have a good bag that you can carry all your stuff in. I carry the Vertx Gamut 2.0 Plus with me every single day. Vertx is a company that makes gear for federal agents so that they can carry a tactical bag without looking like a tactical bag. They are stylish and super durable. You can even put a metal plate in it to turn it into a bulletproof bag. The bag has so many features that I would not be able to do it justice in this blog. It is the perfect bag for work and self-defense. Click here to see this bag explained in more detail.



An EDC must-have is a flashlight. A flashlight is arguably one of the most useful things to carry with you every day. I use my Surefire Stiletto Flashlight all the time. I use it when it is dark and I am looking for my keys, or when I need to work on my car, or when I hear something at night. Surefire makes a great flashlight. I choose this light because it is reliable and all my Everyday Carry Gear must be reliable.


I believe everyone should carry a tourniquet but especially if you carry a gun. You never know what situation you are going to run into. If you are unable to escape harm completely, you should at least be able to treat a wound enough to make it to the hospital. I carry the North American Rescue Combat Application Tourniquet in my EDC gear. It is not imperative that you carry this on your person at all times, but you should have it in your bag or your car at least. This tourniquet is known for its reliability and effectiveness.


Sunglasses are something that I never leave home without. The sunglasses that I use most often are the Oakley Holbrook Sunglasses.  They are stylish, comfortable, and durable. They are fantastic sunglasses. The reason I use these sunglasses is because of their mixture of style and durability. I throw my sunglasses in my truck and in my bag all the time. I need them to be able to withstand my day to day life and these sunglasses do just that.



Besides your firearm, your EDC knife is your most important self-defense tool. I carry the Benchmade CLA Auto because it is quality all the way through. This knife is the perfect size to carry with you every day. The hinge is nice and tight and it has held up amazingly over time. The blade is very sharp and holds its edge very well. I always carry a knife on me because sometimes you cannot carry a firearm legally but you are allowed to carry a knife. In the world we live in, you can never be too afraid to defend yourself.


I am constantly writing stuff down and taking notes. I carry a pen with me everywhere. I carry the Boker iPlus TTP. It is a lightweight metal which makes it very durable but light enough to carry. This is not just a tool for writing, this is my third self-defense tool. Some places you can’t carry a firearm, some places you can’t carry a knife even. Almost all places will let you carry a pen though! That is why I choose a pen with a very solid built like this one from Boker. If for some reason I do not have my gun or my knife, I at least have a strong pen to use to defend myself.


My last Every Day Carry item is my watch. As a business owner, I have meetings with all different people from all different lines of work. I have to look professional every day but I do not want to sacrifice functionality and durability. That is why I carry the Casio GA100-1A1 G-Shock Watch. It is rugged and dependable but still looks nice enough to wear in a business environment. This is the perfect watch for just about everyone. You can wear it in the office or out in the elements. Absolutely fantastic watch by G-Shock.





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