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Healing and Forgiveness

Frontier Justice started six years ago, under the umbrella of Faith Family & Freedom.  Many of you know that these are our values and not just catchy words.  We didn’t set out to be evangelistic, but rather to just let the light shine from how we live and what we are doing.  Because of what we do, and how we do it, we often attract staff members with these same values.

But, today, I need you to hear that our staff are the kind of human beings we aspire to emulate and not the other way around.

On Sunday, May 3rd, as most of you also know, Mike Mosher, an Overland Park police officer was shot and killed in the line of duty.  Scott Mosher, his father, has worked with us from almost the very beginning of Frontier Justice.  We talk about being a family and a “tribe” a lot but I need you to know, again, that is not just “talk”.  Our team is like a family and they have given blood, sweat, and tears to build what you walk into and enjoy every day.  It’s not Mike and I, it’s a family and a team that makes Frontier Justice work like it does.  We are human, mistakes have been made, but we learn, grow, and become better for it.

Scott has been our lead instructor for a number of years.  Often, in team meetings, Scott is asked to do the prayers for the team.  He speaks to God in a way that we should all aspire to and it’s compelling.  It’s the voice that conveys he’s not “going through the motions” but you can tell beyond a shadow of a doubt that Scott knows God, personally.

That voice is the voice that called to tell us he had lost his son.  It was the voice of a heart breaking.

That voice was audible to me the same way that God’s voice in my head is sometimes audible to me.  It’s the kind of visceral pain that I cannot fathom….the loss of a son.  Literally, the thought of that clenches my heart and makes my breathing stop.  It’s the pain that God knows though—He can relate because His son hung on the cross for each of us.

Our job, through our suffering, is to mold ourselves to be more like Jesus in every way.

What I’m about to tell you I need you to know that I have, first, permission to share, and second, blows my mind in a way that these words you are reading will not capture.





Scott Mosher invited a group of our team to take spots at the limited funeral (because of COVID 19) on Wednesday.  It was an honor and a privilege to be included and we were all very happy to support Scott and Shellee in this way.  He found us before the service and I hugged him tight and told him how sorry I was as he gave us ribbons to wear.  Then what happened next will forever be etched in my mind.  Scott told us that the parents of his son’s killer were sitting with him and Shellee at the service.  He had invited them.  Rachel (head of HR) cried.  The disbelief that washed over me was immense and stirring.  I questioned—would I be spiritually mature enough for such a gesture?  Could forgiveness be my first response rather than something I had to be talked into?  I’m not sure, but I’m going to confess, I don’t think so.  Nothing was said about it in the news (likely they didn’t know).  My head was on fire.

Then a day later, it got even harder for me to swallow.  Scott asked for Friday off.  He, Shellee, and Mike’s grandmother are attending the shooter’s funeral with his parents today.

Why am I telling you this?  Because it is SUCH a strong reminder of what we are called to do.  Forgive one another like our Father has forgiven us.  And, because I listened to what a great man Mike Mosher was I need you to know that his father that shaped him is a great example of spiritual maturity that I aspire to emulate.  I pray I’m never called to this kind of example.  If I was,  I will remember Scott and I hope to rise to the occasion.

Maybe someone in our tribe out there needs to hear this?

You, too, can remember the peace that comes from loving and forgiving.  Scott and Shellee Mosher are stellar humans that I am proud to know.  Mike Mosher followed in their footsteps closely.

#belikemike #belikescott&shellee #shine

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