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how to be safe without a firearm

How to be Safe Without a Firearm

Here at Frontier Justice, we believe that the natural-born right of self-protection is given to each of us by our Creator. One of the most popular tools for self-defense is the firearm. But if you’re not comfortable with utilizing one, or if you are going to one of the many places that don’t allow you to carry a firearm (such as concerts and some shopping areas) we still want you to be safe. The great news is there are several ways you can still be safe without a firearm.

Dispelling Myths

While there are a variety of less-than-lethal options for personal protection, not all devices and methods are created equally. One of the most touted bits of advice, and ironically one of the worst, is to put your keys between your fingers. Not only are keys a minimally effective defensive tool, but you are also more likely to injure your own hand than your assailant. You must be incredibly close to your attacker to even attempt to stab them with your keys, and you risk dropping them, giving the bad guy potential access to your vehicle and home.


Practical Options to Be Safe Without a Firearm

Personal alarms can be a decent option when used properly. With all the noise pollution these days it is common for people to ignore most alarms, so don’t count on someone running to your rescue. Instead, most personal alarms emit sounds around 130 decibels. This is loud enough to cause physical pain and hearing damage after a short time. While this can be an effective deterrent for less motivated attackers, remember that you will also be exposed to the loud noise.

There is a variety of other keychain and handheld tools available for consideration. Saps and Batons can be effective striking tools, however, there are a few things to keep in mind. Saps in particular are illegal to carry in many jurisdictions, and batons can be unwieldy and hard to conceal. Make sure if you chose to use a baton for personal defense you become familiar with how it works and its functional striking distance.

Stabbing devices such as kubotans, tactical pens, and knives are all good options for close defense. Tactical pens can be a great choice for medical professionals who often work in nonpermissive environments that do not allow any sort of defensive devices. Most are completely innocuous looking, plus you are more likely to need a working pen than to defend yourself against attack.

A couple of important notes about knives: pocket and fixed blade knives can be great defensive tools. Just know that using a knife is considered lethal force and can require many strikes to be effective. Make sure you explore the size and best features for your need when making a purchase.

The most effective method of less than lethal defense is OC Spray (Pepper Spray). OC spray is legal in most states and jurisdictions (based on the strength) and allows you to defend yourself at a distance. Depending on the spray pattern, they can be effective from 4-8 feet away and are easily concealable.

Training: The Most Critical Part of the Journey

No matter which method of personal protection you chose, make sure you get the proper training. We are proud to offer a 3-hour Safe Without a Firearm class at all of our locations. You’ll get more detailed information on all the devices mentioned here, along with the pros and cons of each. Sign up today!


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