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Practice Makes Perfect: Indoor Shooting Range Near You at Frontier Justice

Indoor shooting range near me

New shooters and experienced marksmen alike benefit from extra practice time. But to properly hone your shooting skills, it’s important to find a great indoor shooting range near you. 

At Frontier Justice, we feature fixed 25-yard pistol lanes equipped with moveable target capabilities and other advanced technology, as well as a 25-yard tactical bay for pistols and/or rifles that is ballistically capable of up to .50 caliber. We also boast a 50-yard rifle bay in our Lee’s Summit, Mo. location, perfect for practicing before hunting season. 

Read on to learn more about the indoor shooting ranges near you at Frontier Justice and some helpful drills for honing skills of all levels. 

What to know when using an indoor shooting range near you

Know the rules

Range rules and operating procedures vary between companies, so be sure to review each range’s range rules prior to visiting. At Frontier Justice, we simply ask that you keep the firearm in a case or holster at all times. Meaning, you can bring your gun into the store in the box it came with, or any soft/hard case you may have purchased for it.

Know your drills

Range shooting is more than just setting up targets, pointing, and shooting. Training and target practice can consist of many activities like shooting at static targets or moving targets and running specific drills. 

Some of these specific drills you can run at an indoor shooting range new include:

  • Dot torture drills: This is a target system and drill that helps shooters practice multiple pistol skills while using only one target. The target is set up with one dot on the top of the frame, then three rows of three targets cascading downward. Shooters can practice different drills on each of the 10 target dots, do multiple dots at once, or attempt to clear the entire target with one magazine. Drills like dot torture help build specific skills for drawing, aiming, and firing confidently at smaller targets. 
  • Failure to stop drill: This drill is a simple, yet effective way to prepare for personal protection. In the failure drill, a shooter will place two shots in the center mass of the target, then a third shot to the top of the target. Because of its simplicity, this drill can be adjusted greatly on the range. With our programmable target systems, a shooter can practice with moving targets, which provide a limited presentation and require the shooter to fire rapidly and accurately simultaneously. For new shooters, it’s best to start with a static target and get the fundamentals of the drill down before moving on to longer distances or moving targets.

Know your equipment

An indoor shooting range near you is a great place to get in practice with your firearm. Not only just for shooting either. You can practice taking your firearm apart and putting it back together, make sure your optics are sighted in correctly, and even practice drawing and using your firearm in a smooth motion. 

Indoor shooting ranges near you are also a great place to experiment with new equipment. The firearm rental program at Frontier Justice offers a diverse selection of popular, reliable firearms to rent and shoot. These range from basic handguns to more exotic, fully-automatic firearms, as well as ones equipped with silencers. 

Visit Frontier Justice for the Best Experience At An Indoor Shooting Range Near You

With our comfortable shooting pods equipped with state-of-the-art technology, our rental program that allows you to test out new tools, and our experienced staff willing to help with whatever you need, there’s no better experience at an indoor shooting range near you than at Frontier Justice. 

Learn more about what makes Frontier Justice different by reaching out to us, signing up for our membership club, scheduling a class, or simply stopping by and checking out our store, boutique, and range for yourself!

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