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Handguns For Sale

The 8 Things to Buy with your First Firearm

Buying your first firearm can feel overwhelming. There’s a lot of things to consider with this big step, but don’t worry, the experts at Frontier Justice are happy to help you get set up with exactly what you need in order to be safe, and to get the most out of your purchase! Here, we’ve compiled what we consider to be the most important seven things to buy with your first firearm!

1. Training

Education is the most important tool in your arsenal. Knowing how to safely use your firearm can help you be safe, and still have fun! At Frontier Justice, we offer a wide variety of classes to meet you at your level. If you’re just getting started, we offer a range of classes just for you!

Our entry level classes include First Shots for Parents & Kids, which teaches safe handling for children at least eight years old and 48 inches in height, Pistol Skills I, which is basic handgun training for adults to help teach them the proper stance, grip, sight acquisition, etc. and AR-15 Basics among many others! To learn more about the classes we offer for new shooters, check out our guide on Firearm Training for Beginners!

If you’re a bit more experienced and ready for the next step, we offer our Concealed Carry Permit class, which is one of our most popular classes! You learn so much on locations to conceal your firearm, when and where you can or cannot have it on you, when to use it, and many laws pertaining to having your firearm on you. Then you can get to higher levels of pistol training, such as Pistol Skills II, along with great courses like our Situational Decision-Making class which uses our simulator!

If you’d prefer a more private setting, we offer our popular classes in women’s only and private lessons. A full listing of all the classes we offer, and date and times can be found here!

2. Ammunition

The next most important item to have with your firearm is ammunition. Without ammunition for training and defense, the firearm isn’t a great tool. There are 3 main types of ammunition: Range ammunition, or practice ammunition, Defensive ammunition, and Hunting ammunition. Range or practice ammunition is usually at a lower cost and higher quantity. This is what you want to take to the range and practice target shooting with. Practice is critical for your comfort level, so the more the merrier here! (we’ll get to the importance of practice with our next step!)

Defensive ammunition is a more developed round typically as a hollow point. These expand on impact to create a larger wound channel, to create more damage, and cause the round to slow down ideally to keep it from going all the way through your target in case other items or people are beyond your target. Hunting ammunition is like defensive ammunition with some minor changes for rifle shooting and distance shooting. These rounds are also designed to enhance expansion, and prevent overpenetration! Get the ammunition you need with us today!

3. Practice

Practice is a must, and it has countless benefits to a shooter. This will help you get comfortable with your firearm to develop the muscle memory to manipulate your firearm without thinking about it. Practice will also get you comfortable with the sight picture, felt recoil, trigger pull, and proper grip of your firearm. You can learn so much about your tool and how it operates through live-fire training and practice. Going to the range can also make you aware of ammunition and parts that might work better or worse in your firearm. With that in mind, practice is a great way to verify if your defensive rounds will cycle properly in your firearm! The same can be said for rifles! One should shoot similar or the same ammunition that you hunt with to make sure your sights or scopes are set and see how accurate some ammunition is versus others.

To make your range visits more dynamic and fun, check out our post about great drills to use while shooting at our indoor ranges! Additionally, while live fire is so important for training, there are some great ways to safely practice at home using dry fire! Dry fire allows you to practice things everything from safely drawing your firearm to malfunction clearing and more! Check out our Dry Fire training guide to learn more!

At Frontier Justice, we offer or range visitors one of the best range experiences around. Our indoor ranges at all locations are set to a perfect 70 degrees year-round. Air filtration and cycling are completed every 90 seconds, making our ranges some of the cleanest in the industry. For your comfort, we also have sound barrier dividers in each lane. We clean our ranges every night to stay safe and lead free while providing D-Lead soap to our visitors for when they are done shooting.

Our target systems are all electronic allowing the shooter to effortlessly send their target to the preferred distance. Some of our lanes are even rated to handle standard ammunition up to 4,000 feet per second, allowing you to shoot rifles and even shotguns with slugs. Training is something that should be done often, and the best way to do so while also saving money (among so many other great benefits) is a Frontier Justice Membership! Our members shoot for free with a guest every visit, save 10% on ammo every day, can reserve lanes in advance online, and so much more! Sign up for your membership and schedule your next visit today!

4. Holster

A quality holster is a critical item for anyone—whether you intend on carrying your handgun daily or occasionally. We have a wide variety of holsters to suit any need, from competition to concealed carry, and so much more. No matter the need or your personal preferences, we are happy to get you equipped! Check out our latest on some of our favorite holster brands here!

Once you find the perfect holster to suit your needs and firearm, be sure to select a quality belt to carry with as well. A dedicated concealed carry belt is much sturdier than your average daily wear belt and helps keep your firearm in place and draw consistent and clean. Companies like Versacarry and Smith & Wesson have done a great job in producing belts that aren’t overly tactical, but still serve that sort of function! No matter your unique situation, we’ve got you covered!

5. Gun Case

Like a holster, a gun case is a must-have for any responsible firearm enthusiast. Most ranges require firearms to be always secured until you get inside the range and to the firing line, and so a case is essential. On that note, it’s always a great idea to read the range rules prior to your first visit!  Some firearms come in a hard box, but they can be fairly limiting in terms of size. We offer great small cases and sleeves that tuck efficiently into your range bag, to make your next visit as easy as can be! Shop our collection of cases and bags today!

6. Gun Safe

Gun Safes are essential with others in the household or having your firearm locked up while unattended. It is our responsibility as firearm owners to always keep our firearms out of unintended hands, to keep those we love safe. We offer a wide variety of safes at every price point to fulfill this necessary task. For your home defense firearm, we have fantastic quick access safes that use a biometric scanner or keypad to provide you rapid access. Many of our safes come with security cables and are also pre-drilled so that they can easily be bolted down. Just as its important to keep your gun locked up, it’s equally critical to prevent it from wandering off! These features and so many more can help you be safe and protected inside your home at the same time. Shop our full collection of firearm safes here.

7. Cleaning Kit

Last, but certainly not least, is a cleaning kit. These are essential to maintaining the reliability and consistency of your firearm. Like changing the oil in your vehicle, the firearm needs to be cleaned in order to keep it running in perfect condition. We offer an assortment of pre-assembled kits that can easily drop into your range bag so you can always be ready to give your firearm a quick clean if necessary. If you’d like to build your own kit, or need a fresh bottle of cleaning solvent or gun oil, we’ve got you covered there as well! Taking the time to break down and clean your firearm is also a great way to learn even more about how your firearm works! Find your perfect cleaning kit, and get your equipment in tip-top shape today.

8. USCCA Membership

The US Concealed Carry Association (USCCA) provides members with instant access to lifesaving education, training, and self-defense liability insurance, preparing them for everything that happens before, during and after a lawful act of self-defense. Activate a risk-free USCCA Membership today, protected for a full year by the USCCA Bulletproof Money-Back Guarantee, and you’ll get a free tactical bonus.

Visit for more information and join today to receive your FREE gift!

As we said at the beginning of this post, getting into the world of firearms for the first time may feel daunting, but we hope that this list can help you find everything you need in order to safely join our community! The experts at Frontier Justice are always thrilled to be of service, so please contact us today with your questions, or visit us in-store to get everything you need! Welcome to the Frontier Justice Family!

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