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Fashion and Function: The Best Concealed Carry Clothing and Accessories

Concealed Carry Clothing and Accessories

Fashion is an important part of our lives. Your wardrobe says a lot about who you are, and your personality can shine through your clothing choices. 

Fashion can also be functional, especially when it comes to concealed carry. Finding the right concealed carry clothing and accessories is an important part of feeling comfortable carrying your firearm in public. 

At Frontier Justice, we carry a variety of concealed carry clothing and accessories that combine fashion and function for almost every wardrobe. Read on to learn more about our versatile concealed carry clothing and accessories, or visit our boutique website and browse our many options yourself. 

Top tips for fashionable concealed carry


Tip #1: Keep your personal style in mind

Everyone has their own style. It’s part of your identity and a way to express your personality. So the last thing you want is to sacrifice that self expression for concealed carry. The good news is, you don’t have to!

Taking the time to integrate concealed carry into your wardrobe doesn’t mean sacrificing your favorite pieces, or exclusively buying loose or oversized clothing. It means you just take that additional time to find the best way to carry in your attire. That’s where we can help. 

We know the latest fashion trends, and carry unique, one-of-a-kind boho chic fashion, as well as everything you need for concealed carry and self defense. Our mission is to help marry these two concepts to help everyone be safe, secure, and themselves.

Tip #2: Find your perfect holster

A quality holster that suits your needs is as critical to concealed carry as the firearm itself. But holsters, like shoes or any other accessory, might work with one outfit, but not another . Here are just a few of our favorite holster options to choose from that serve their purpose without sacrificing your style. 

Can Can Concealment

Holsters from Can Can Concealment are form-fitting and offer the shortest profile options in our collection. These sleek and easy-to-wear holsters conceal nicely under clothing with their compression wear technology. 

This makes Can Can Concealment holsters a perfect choice for nearly any wardrobe. Whether you’re wearing leggings with an elastic waistband that would print on other holsters, or wearing a skirt on a night out, Can Can Concealment holsters match your daily style. 

These holsters are great for more than just concealed carry, too. The hip-hugger and belly-band style gives you many pockets to store your items safely without the need of a purse. This makes these holsters great for international travel. 

Crucial Concealment

One of our most popular holster manufacturers, Crucial Concealment is ideal because of their simple and effective designs. These kydex holsters are perfectly molded for your firearm of choice, providing proper retention that prevents your firearm from coming loose in the holster. This ensures comfortable and secure carry throughout your day. Retention also ensures only the intended user can draw the firearm from the holster. 

Crucial Concealment holsters offer both inside the waistband and outside the waistband options, and they are all optic ready. Their inside the waistband options are ambidextrous as well, perfect for left-handed shooters. 


In the fall and winter months, outside the waistband carry is a more available option because of the ability to layer clothing. Safariland holsters are one of our top-selling OWB options because of their wide range of holsters, from concealment to duty. Safariland is a leading holster company for law enforcement and military use, so you can trust their quality and reliability. 

Safariland holsters are typically easier to draw from as OWB options, and with level 2 retention your firearm isn’t coming out unless you intend to release it. 


Leather holsters from Versacarry exceed the expectations of our clients. They deliver all the features needed in a holster, including multi-fit options, durability with their water buffalo leather, and a soft plush padded back for skin sensitivity and sweat absorption. The polymer embedded in the leather allows for an easier re-holster, because the holster doesn’t compress like most soft materials. Carriers can also adjust the retention of their Versacarry holsters for added safety. 

Sticky Holsters

Sticky Holsters are ideal for first-time firearm owners. Made from fabric adhesive external material, these holsters fit multiple firearms of a similar size. Sticky Holsters are great for inside the waistband carry and are ambidextrous, adding to their versatility. They can also be carried off-body in a car, purse, or bag.

Tip #3: Layers are your friend

Wearing multiple layers during the cooler months helps alleviate many concealed carry concerns. 

Layering breaks up the print of your firearm on your body, so your firearm stays concealed and inconspicuous. Looser fabrics and clothing accomplish this as well. Sweaters, longer tops, and cardigans are all stylish looks that also cover concealed firearms. 

With many different fashionable layers available, you can easily follow the latest fashion trends while still maintaining your safety with concealed carry. 

Tip #4: Consider off-body carry

Concealed carrying on your body isn’t always an option. For firearms owners who want to carry but don’t have the ability to wear a holster, carrying off-body in a bag is also an option. Here are a few things to consider before deciding to carry off-body. 

Know the risks 

When carrying off-body, you have to constantly be conscious of your bag. This means you can’t just leave your bag on your desk or unattended, because that could lead to a potentially dangerous situation.

Find the right bag

To effectively carry off-body, you have to have a bag or purse that you’re comfortable carrying around. It needs to be something that you don’t mind keeping on you at all times. Here are a few examples of effective concealed carry bags:

Concealed carry purses

Carrying in a purse is an effective work-around for off-body carry for many people. Choosing the right purse for concealed carry also matters, however. It’s important to find a purse designed specifically for daily carry, not just use a regular purse you already own. 

Concealed carry purses come with extra compartments that keep your firearm separated from the rest of your purse’s contents, giving you easy access to your firearm when necessary. This also prevents snagging or accidental discharges. 

Style is also an important factor for your purse. Again, it’s important to have a bag that you want to keep on you, and finding one that fits your style encourages that. There are many incredible companies that design a variety of different concealed carry purses that match fashion and functionality. Visit our online store to see the options we carry. 


Concealed carry purses are a great option for many women, but for those who don’t feel comfortable carrying a purse, there are concealed carry backpacks. 

Concealed carry  backpacks are specifically designed to safely and discreetly house firearms and accessories of all shapes and sizes. These backpacks can serve multiple purposes, doubling as a bag for your daily commute, a computer bag, or even a gym bag. 

We carry multiple styles of concealed carry backpacks. Our most popular and versatile bags come from Vertx. Whether you’re looking for a light travel bag for a commute, or one more robust that can fit all of your necessities, Vertx makes bags that fit your needs. These backpacks come in all of the latest styles and are designed with popular trends in mind. They blend in perfectly in any situation and appear completely normal to bystanders.

Vertx also makes a great variety of range bags that can carry everything you need when heading to shoot, but when it comes to concealed carry we think it’s best to keep things under wraps. Otherwise, it defeats the purpose of carrying a concealed weapon. These bags are perfect for workers with office jobs who want to carry inconspicuously. 

Practice with dry fire

It’s not enough to just carry your firearm. You need to be prepared to use it efficiently and effectively. Drawing your firearm while carrying off-body is difficult, so it’s important to properly train to draw your firearm from its concealment. Dry fire is a great way to safely build the necessary muscle memory to keep you safe. During dry fire training, you simply practice without using live ammunition. When done correctly (and safely), dry fire can help build fundamental skills you often cannot practice at the range. 

Find Your Concealed Carry Clothing and Accessories at Frontier Justice

Our boutique is stocked with all the concealed carry clothing and accessories you could possibly need. Whether you’re looking for a new look for any season that keeps your firearm concealed, a holster that fits your style and functions properly, or a purse or bag that’s both stylish and functional, Frontier Justice has you covered. 

Learn more about what makes Frontier Justice different by reaching out to us, signing up for our membership club, scheduling a class, or simply stopping by and checking out our store, boutique, and range for yourself!

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