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Why You Should Train at an Indoor Vs Outdoor Shooting Range

Indoor vs Outdoor Shooting Range

All firearms owners should train with their tools to make sure they’re ready to use them when needed but to get the most out of your firearms training, you need to find a reliable shooting range, preferably one that offers memberships and firearms training courses. 

The indoor shooting ranges at Frontier Justice locations provide everything you need to enhance your firearms skills. Outdoor shooting ranges are also an option for training, but we believe there are more benefits for training at an indoor shooting range. 

Read on to learn more about training at an indoor vs outdoor shooting range, or contact us and we will help you decide the best choice for your training needs. 

Comparing indoor and outdoor ranges

Indoor Ranges


  • The main advantage of an indoor shooting range is its protection from the weather. At an indoor range, you are protected from the elements and can practice your skills in a climate-controlled, ventilated environment.
  • Indoor shooting ranges can be almost anywhere. You’re not limited to visiting the countryside to find enough land for an outdoor range, so indoor ranges are typically a more convenient option, especially for people who live in urban areas. 
  • At the Frontier Justice indoor shooting range, you get all the added benefits of being attached to our store. If you would like to rent a new firearm or need to purchase ammunition, we have that all available for your convenience. 
  • A more controlled environment is a good way to get an accurate measure of how your firearm is shooting, and if any adjustments are needed to correct your bullet’s trajectory. 


  • Indoor shooting ranges can be more restrictive with their lanes than outdoor ones. That means it’s more difficult to practice moving from barriers or other obstacles that may be available at outdoor ranges. 
    • We’ve solved this problem with our indoor shooting ranges at Frontier Justice by offering advanced training classes that allow shooters to practice firing from barriers and obstacles. We also offer a state-of-the-art Simulator Room that has hundreds of scenarios to practice under with simulated live fire. 
  • Closer proximity to other shooters and the enclosed building amplify the sound from your firearm, making ear and eye protection vital. However, you should use ear and eye protection at all times when training, both at indoor and outdoor shooting ranges.
    • The Frontier Justice indoor shooting ranges have some of the best sound dampening systems on the market today, and we are always working to improve the safety and comfort of our shooters. We go above and beyond to ensure everyone who visits our range has an ideal shooting experience. 

Outdoor ranges


  • For outdoor enthusiasts, the feel of fresh air and dealing with the elements is impossible to replicate at an indoor range. 
  • Shooting sports like trap and skeet are available at most outdoor ranges. 


  • Weather is an element you can never escape at an outdoor shooting range. You have to deal with everything Mother Nature throws at you, which can severely hinder your firearms training depending on the day. Shooting during the winter, especially where we are based in the Midwest, can be incredibly unpleasant. 
  • Outdoor ranges are more spread out and less convenient to find because of the land required to operate an outdoor range. 
  • Finding amenities at an outdoor shooting range can be difficult; even things like an available bathroom are not guaranteed. 

Explore our indoor shooting range at Frontier Justice

When comparing an indoor vs outdoor shooting range, we think indoor ranges take the argument. And not just any indoor ranges, but the ones we operate at all three of our Frontier Justice locations. You won’t find another range that has all the benefits of ours. 

Experience this difference yourself by visiting our range, or stop by to talk with us about the comparisons of an indoor vs outdoor shooting range. You can also sign up for our membership club, schedule a class, or check out everything in our store and boutique!

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